Click Speed Test – Check Your Clicks Per Second


Click speed test also referred to as the cps test, is a game to check how many clicks you can make in a given timeframe. You have a specific time to test your clicking speed. The fast you will click, the more chance you have of getting a high score.

It is famous among gamers. Many game lovers do this challenge to increase their mouse hitting ability. However, some people do this to relax their minds. It gives them joy and fun.

Once you start making high scores and become an expert, you should do this challenge with your friends. See who can make the high score. 

22 is the CPS World Record!! Challenge Yourself and beat it now!

Working of Click Speed Test

Working on the click speed test is pretty simple. Just follow the following steps and start making unlimited clicks. 

1- First, hit on the “Click here to start playing” button available above. 

2- After hitting that, the timer will start immediately. In this tester, you have 5 seconds to check your clicking skills.

3- Above the box, there are three counters. The first one is the time counter to measure the time.

4- The second one is the cps tracker. It shows the number of clicks per second. 

5- The third and last one is the score counter. Basically, it tells the number of clicks you are making. 

6- As the time will run out, the final result will be presented. 

7- The final result will show the rank, cps, and the total number of clicks you made. 

Kohi Click Test 

Kohi was the game server of Minecraft. Actually, Kohi was the first platform provided by Minecraft to check the clicking speed. Our tool is made on the based of kohi. Players used to test their clicking speed with kohi. 

However, later Minecraft merged the kohi with the badlion. But the gamers were not happy with the decision even they started the campaign “bring back kohi. Kohi used to provide only ten seconds to measure the clicks however we have different time intervals like 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc. 

Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is one of the fastest techniques to register hundreds of clicks in a few seconds. To perform drag clicking you have to drag your fingers on the surface of the mouse, if your mouse doesn’t make double clicks you won’t be able to perform this technique.

Regular Clicking 

Clicks you make daily or on regular basis consider as regular clicking. For example, you edit documents, use a browser, etc. The average CPS in regular clicking is 5 cps. 

Having a good regular clicking speed can help you achieve daily basis computer tasks quickly. Many gamers achieve 8 CPS in regular clicking. 

 Click Speed Test Rank 

Once the game is over, you will see your final results. It shows the cps, time, and the total number of clicks you made. The final result shows the rank you got based on your performance. We have three different ranks explained as follow:

1-  Our first rank is the turtle rank. If you score less than 5 cps then you will be awarded this rank. 

2- The second rank is mouse rank. Scoring more than 5 cps can give you this rank.

3- The last and final rank is the rabbit rank. Scoring more than 8 cps can give you rabbit rank. It’s not difficult to achieve it you just need practice. 

Click speed test

 FAQs About Click speed test 

What is a good click speed?

Above 8 clicks per second is considered a good speed. Initially, you may not achieve it. But if you keep practicing, you can achieve it easily. On average most people make 5 clicks in a second. 

What is the highest CPS in the world?

The highest cps world record is 22. You might be wondering how it can be possible. Everything is possible; you need to keep going. Do the test daily even you can break this record as well.

Is 7 clicks per second good?

Yes, it is good. But you make it further better. Most people make more than 10 clicks per second. It would help if you also did more practice to get to this level.

How do you get 20 cps?

Keep your fingers relaxed and try the challenge with freehand. You can apply different techniques. There are different clicking techniques like the jitter clicking test. Do these tests again and again. You will definitely achieve the 20 cps.

How can I get faster click speed?

Not everyone can click faster on the first try. It takes time to make you an expert in anything, so this is the case with this game. To get faster click speed to try all the techniques, do practice daily.

How do I make my mouse double click?

If you want to make your mouse double click, you can do it by changing your mouse settings. One more thing you can do is you can click faster, and it will behave like a double click.

Can I break the world record?

Yes, you can break the cps world record. Currently, the world record is 22 cps. Anyone in the world can break this record. It would help if you had passion and practice to get your name on top.

What is the average CPS?
According to sources, on average mostly players get 6.8 CPS. With a little effort, you can easily achieve this. 

Cps Tester Features

 It’s Free 

One of the benefits of this game is that is completely free for a lifetime. Anyone in the world can use it without paying any penny.

 Compatible with all devices 

Many users test this on different devices mobile, tablet, or pc. However, the best thing is that it is completely compatible with all devices. Anyone can use it without facing any issues.

 No login required 

You don’t need to log in/ sign up for this game. You can enjoy it without any login details. 

CPS Calculator Formula

CPS calculation formula is really simple, it takes two value to calculate your cps; one the number of clicks you makes and the other one is the total time taken. The formula is given below

 CPS = Number of Clicks / Total Time Taken  

In many games like Minecraft, Pubg, etc your clicking speed matters a lot. Having good speed improves your gaming skills and you win matches more easily. 

Benefits of Click Test Games 

There are so many benefits to playing this game. It does not just give an edge to gamers. Normal people can even get benefits by playing this game.

Gamers used this to improve their mouse speed. They want to get better than other players. Obviously, this tool helps the gamers to make more clicks in one second. Even one or two times playing this game 

On the other side, normal people try this to get their minds relaxed. It’s a fun game for them.

Many Minecraft players try this to improve their gaming skills. In Minecraft PVP, you have to attack your opponent by hitting and clicking.

To compete with your competitors, your click speed should be better. Like 6-8 cps consider as good speed. So the cps counter gives you a lot of benefits.

If your Click Speed is Slower than expected

There can be many reasons for the slow mouse hitting ability. It will help if you try different techniques. 

1- Try different tests; there is not just this mode. We have a variety of tests you should try every test.

2- One more thing you can do is that you can do the test daily. It will surely increase your speed.

3- Try to change your mouse. Instead of a normal mouse, use the gaming mouse. It can help you a lot.

4- Go to the mouse settings and change the sensitivity of your mouse. You will feel slightly better.


Probably you would have tested your click speed. You are now aware of your clicking speed. No need to worry if you got a low score; do the test daily. Definitely, you will become a master of it. Furthermore, you can share our website on your social accounts. Challenge your friends and see who gets the high score.

Similarly, if you want to try other tests. You can try these techniques as well on our website. We also have 10 second test, 15 second test, and so many different tests like the kohi click test. It would help if you also try these modes. 

You can also install different applications. Play Store is the best place to download such kinda apps. There are many apps, but you should install the one with the highest rating to get a better experience. Now it’s your choice which one you chose.