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Hello, I’m Eugene Van Der Linde a self-proclaimed butterfly clicking expert, and Clicking Speed Tester was created to share my gaming and technology passion with the world. We provide CPS Tests, an online gaming tool developed to help gamers improve clicking speed and gaming skills.

At Clicking Speed Tester we offer the best click speed tests to improve performance by practicing with multiple clicking methods such as Butterfly Clicking, Drag Clicking, Jitter Clicking, etc. Clicking Speed Tester is packed with useful resources, tools, and blog articles to take your gaming to the next level.

We also offer an affordable professional Minecraft Build Service to create an impressive lobby or arena for your Minecraft Server. Find out more about us here.

CPS Tests


The click-per-second test, abbreviated as CPS, measures your mouse clicking speed in the time allotted. Playing the CPS online gaming tool is simple and enjoyable. The tool is appropriate for all ages.

Clicking Speed Tester

Many people believe that click speed is not important at all, and while this may be true in general, it changes dramatically when it comes to gaming. Any game that uses mouse clicks for attacking and defending can register a certain number of clicks per second or CPS.

Each time the player clicks, there is a delay of a few milliseconds until that click is registered within the game, and while this can’t be noticed or timed by the player in most cases, it becomes very important and noticeable in the game itself. The best way to improve your click speed is by using these online gaming tools to practice, improving your skills and ultimately making you a better player.

Other CPS Tests

Aim Trainer is a free online tool/game to improve your mouse skills. It helps you to improve your gaming and aiming skills. Apart from aim improvement it also helps you to increase your action time and click speed.

Our other online gaming tools include some of the following:
  • Badlion Click Test
  • Kohi Click Test
  • Click Counter Online
  • Accuracy Improvement Tools
  • Mouse & Keyboard Tools
  • Typing Speed Testing Tools

Follow the link below to find all our other CPS Tests

other click tests

Gaming Mouse Buying Guides

Competitive online games frequently require a higher level of precision and customization. While a standard mouse usually has a left and right click as well as a scroll wheel, gaming mice usually have additional side buttons or other inputs.

These new buttons enhance gameplay comfort and immersion while streamlining inputs in competitive online gaming. Our gaming mouse buying guides can be found below.

Minecraft Build Service

We also offer a professional and affordable Minecraft Build Service.

Our Minecraft Build Services:
  1. We will create a small lobby or arena for you at an affordable price with unique details and features
  2. We will create a medium-sized lobby or arena with a variety of pattern combinations and intricate details that will set your server apart from the crowd.
  3. We will create a large, visually stunning lobby or arena with countless intricate details, pattern combinations, and whatever custom features you desire.

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Minecraft Build


Some of the valuable resources and tools that can be found in our blog include:
  • All The Best Auto Clickers
  • How To Tutorials and Blog Posts on:
  • Butterfly Clicking
  • DPI
  • Drag Clicking
  • Gaming Mouse Buying Guides
  • Gaming Mouse Resources
  • Jitter Clicking
  • Minecraft Resources

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