10 Second Click Test – Clicking Speed Tester


In the 10 second click test, you have enough time to check your clicking speed. Although 10 seconds seems shorter to measure the speed it doesn’t feel shorter when you beat your mouse faster and faster. 

10 second click test
I am so excited to take the 10-second click test!!

Many people try the one mode only, and they complain that their clicking speed isn’t good. They don’t try the tests like this 10-second test. So we recommend you try different modes. This ten-second mode will help you.

One of the benefits of taking these tests is that they will help you while playing your favorite games like Minecraft and Fortnite. With a faster-clicking speed, you will be able to shoot and aim faster than your competitor.

12.3 CPS is the world record in 10 seconds!! Challenge Yourself and beat it now!!

How to Start the 10 Second Click Test

Just follow the simple steps given below and start the 10-second click test.

1- Just like a 5-second click test, hit the start button.

2- The timer will start immediately after the first click.

3- You have 10 seconds to do your best and get a high score.

4- After completing the test, a notification will show, displaying your rank according to your performance.

Your rank depends on the CPS you get. Try to get a high score so you can get a higher rank. Don’t be disappointed if you get a low score. Do the test over again and improve your score.

10 second click test

Ways to improve Speed in a 10 second click test

We know you want to get a high score, and you want to break the world record. Follow these simple ways and get to the top.

  • One of the best ways to get high CPS is to start the test with an aggressive approach. Try to get the maximum score in the first five seconds. Then in the next 5 seconds, maintain your flow and get the maximum benefits.
  • When you start the test, keep your mind relaxed and click with loose fingers. The other way to boost speed is through different techniques. You can check these techniques on our website as well.
Ways to improve Speed in a 10 second click test
I can’t believe it!! I just got a high score on the 10-second click test

Some players use an auto clicker and get a high score. But this is something that will not give you satisfaction so do the challenge honestly. Your clicking skills will also improve


After the test, you can share our website with different social media platforms. Challenge your friends and see who can make the most clicks in 10 seconds. Remember that nobody is perfect in the beginning, and it’s just practice that can improve your clicking speed.