2 Minute Typing Test – WPM Test Online[UPDATED]

Want to know how many words you can type in 2 minutes? We have got a 2 Minute Typing Test for you to check how accurately and fast you can type. Our Wpm test is based on the English language. As you know English is an international language and most people can understand it.

If you have a computer job then typing speed is important for you. To complete your work faster, you have to be able to type fast. Also as a way to reply fast and communicate better.

2 Minute Typing Test

How Does 2 Minute Typing Test Work

The best thing about our 2-minute typing test is that you can use it anywhere free of cost. Now let’s discuss how it works.

1- First visit our website (clickingspeedtester.com) and open the typing speed test game.

2- Once you open the page you will see a game/tool on the top of the page.

3- Click on the start button to start the test, Remember one thing once you hit the button the clock will start ticking.

4- Now you will see the paragraph and bar Start tying section. Without any delay start writing the paragraph in the box.

5- Once the time is over you won’t be able to type anymore and you will be presented with the final result.

6- The final result will show a few stats: total time used, accuracy, gross speed, and calculated words. If you don’t get a high score on the first attempt then you should try this test one more time.

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How to type faster?

In the below YouTube video, you will discover the best website for free typing classes, where to take a free typing test, and how to type more quickly to improve as a transcriptionist.

 FAQs About 2 Minute Typing Test 

Is Typing 40 wpm good?

40-50 words per minute is considered a good typing speed. It’s not hard to achieve this all you need is practice. 

How can I check my typing speed online?

You can check the speed by using our typing tester tool. WPM, accuracy, and gross speed can easily be determined by this tool/game.

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