3 Minute Typing Test – WPM Test Online

Users who want to know their typing speed can go with a 3 minute typing test. In this three-minute test of typing, you can test your typing speed and improve as much as possible. Our typing tool lets you learn how to type faster without making mistakes.

The Typing Test 3 Minutes is the most accurate period for practicing. However, you first need to go through this post till the end. So, you will know the essential factors that you should know before starting the test.

 Steps to Start 3 Minute typing test 

We provide a free and user-friendly three minute typing test. Moreover, it is fun to use this tool; you will get the most precise result once you finish the test.

1- Firstly, you need to tap on the “Start” button.

2- After that, a paragraph will appear on the screen. Drag your mouse pointer near the bottom bar on the “Start Typing” text. Hover your mouse over it and start typing.

3- See what has been written in the upper paragraph and follow it closely. If you are writing correctly, the text will be written in green; otherwise, red is a sign of a mistake. You can remove it and correct the mistakes.

4- At the top right corner, a timer is running. Once the timer runs out, your test will end, and you will be directed to the final results.

Now check out your result and examine where you are lacking and how you can improve further.

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How can I improve my typing test speed?

How to improve typing speed

You can improve your typing speed by practicing typing paragraph tests regularly. Muscle memory plays an essential part in it. When you practice, your hand muscles will be used in certain positions daily.

With the proper practice, you will learn how to type without looking down at your hands. Anyhow, you have to make a habit of training your fingers until you master the skill.

Fast typing doesn’t allow you to make mistakes. You have to be very careful about ergonomics, accuracy, and fast typing speed. However, all this comes when you practice this typing skill daily for at least ten minutes daily. Over time, your hands will be trained to type fast, accurately, and smoothly.

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What does the WPM typing test mean?

WPM stands for “ Words Per Minute .”It means how many words you type in one minute. The faster you complete the paragraph, the more words you generate per minute.

In typing skills, most people ask your WPM speed to estimate how many words you can type in a certain period.

What is good typing speed?

With a considerable fast typing speed, a highly proficient typist can type up to 50 WPM or above. In contrast, the average typist type is almost 30-40 WPM. On the other hand, 40-50 WPM is considered above-average speed, whereas the 10-20 WPM is a slow and a below average typing speed.

Final Words

I hope you grab the full beneficial knowledge that helps you improve your typing speed. In the end, I will suggest that if you are serious about your typing skills, practice at least ten minutes daily. Best of Luck!

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