5 Minute Typing Test – WPM Test Online

The 5 minute typing test is no doubt an exciting test and at the same time an impactful typing test. Within five minutes, people have ample time to type and check their accuracy while typing. Especially for a newbie learner, it is the best online English typing test program.

Although there are many typing websites, we have designed this particular online typing test website. The best thing about this tool is that it gives you every little detail compared to other tools.

Each of these parameters will help you understand where you are lacking. After that, you can overcome those shortcomings and improve your typing speed.

 How to use 5 Minute Typing Test Tool 

Follow the steps given below for using this tool:

1- To test typing test 5 minutes click on the “Start” button. It will direct you to the Webpage where you’ll practice typing. A paragraph will be given above.

2- At the bottom of the page, there will be a typing bar indicating “Start Typing”. Drag the mouse cursor at this point and start typing. While typing, if the text appears as red, then you must have made a mistake.

In contrast to this, if the text continues to appear green in the above paragraph, that means you are doing well.

3- In the given time, you have to complete this typing test paragraph. Once the time runs out, you will be directed to the results.

4- You can see total used time, typed characters, whole words, gross speed, net speed, and accuracy there.

5 Minute Typing Test

By seeing the result, you can estimate where you need improvements. Moreover, here is further elaboration about the terms used in the tool.

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Time used: This term indicates the total time given in the test.

Characters: This option informs you about the total typed characters by the user.

Calculated words: It provides you the details of the total words you produced in a given time.

Gross Speed: The gross speed is there to show your current capacity to generate words per minute. It will represent 33 WPM; here, WPM stands for Words Per Minute.

Net speed: It will indicate to you the speed of your net. The more stable your net is, the more speed you can attain.

Accuracy: With the number of words, it is also essential to type precisely. Suppose some mistakes occur while typing, the accuracy percentage will go down. On the other hand, the more accurate you type, the more accuracy you will obtain.

All these things make this tool different from other online tools. It is hard to find such a comprehensive tool that gives you every detail important for enhancing your speed.

How can I improve my typing speed?

We have some tips for you that can help you increase your typing speed. These tips are as follows:

Position your fingers: Before starting to type, it would be helpful if you allocate all your fingers over the keyboard. Position your right hand over the J, K, L, keys and; whereas keeping your left hand over A, S, D, and F keys. Hover your thumbs over the spacebar. It is the most effective mechanism for typing effectively.

Look at the screen: Instead of focusing on your hands, keep your glance and focus straight at the screen. If you want to retain maximum accuracy, this tip can benefit you greatly.

Good posture:  While typing, try to keep your position upright. Preferably sit at a desk or use a straight-backed chair instead of the couch.

Practice: At the end, keep practicing. Initially, you will feel like you can do better, but you will learn to posturing your fingers while typing in time. Nevertheless, soon you will learn the technique and attain good typing speed if you practice regularly.

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In this YouTube video, you will literally learn everything you need to know for increasing your typing speed. Typing speed is very important as you can type essays, notes, and work faster.

Final Words

If you are serious about your typing skill, follow this 5 minute typing test post and start practicing. Hope it will help you to achieve your desirable typing speed. Good Luck!

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