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Greetings, I am Eugene Van Der Linde, an enthusiast of butterfly clicking, and I am the founder of Clicking Speed Tester. Our platform was conceived to serve as a hub for individuals sharing an interest in gaming and technology. At Clicking Speed Tester, we present CPS Tests, an online gaming utility meticulously crafted to assist gamers in refining their clicking speed and elevating their gaming proficiency.

Our platform is dedicated to providing premier click speed tests aimed at enhancing performance through dedicated practice utilizing diverse clicking techniques, including but not limited to Butterfly Clicking, Drag Clicking, and Jitter Clicking, among others. Clicking Speed Tester houses an array of resources, tools, and insightful blog articles crafted to empower you in advancing your gaming prowess to new heights.

Eugene Van Der Linde from clickingspeedtester.com

Professional Background

My journey with Minecraft dates back to 2012, and I have been actively involved in Minecraft builds since 2017. Leveraging my expertise, I utilize several software tools, including WorldPainter, McEdit, WorldEdit, and Voxel Sniper, to bring your Minecraft Builds to life. Beyond the gaming realm, I am well-versed in AutoCAD, CorelDraw, and Adobe Illustrator, employing these tools daily in graphic design pursuits. My commitment extends to contributing to the Clicking Speed Tester Site.

Clicking Speed Tester Website

Butterfly Click Test

I take pleasure in supporting fellow gamers by providing comprehensive resources and tools on the Clicking Speed Tester website.

Our website features an array of valuable tools and resources, including:

  • CPS Tests
  • Jitter Click Test
  • Kohi Click Test
  • Butterfly Click Test
  • Drag Click Test
  • Badlion Click Test
  • Auto Key Presser

Explore our website through distinct categories:

CPS Tests: Access various click speed tests to enhance your clicking speed.

Blog: Our blog section has insightful content covering diverse topics such as click speed tests, gaming mice, best tips and techniques for gaming, auto clickers, Minecraft code generators, Minecraft title generators, Minecraft circle generators, Minecraft auto clickers, Minecraft Font Generator, and much more.

Minecraft Build Service: Explore our professional services:

  1. Small Lobby or Arena Creation: Crafted with unique details and features at an affordable price.
  2. Medium-Sized Lobby or Arena Creation: Delve into a design with a variety of pattern combinations and intricate details, setting your server apart.
  3. Large, Visually Stunning Lobby or Arena Creation: Experience a visually captivating design, complete with intricate details, pattern combinations, and customized features tailored to your preferences.

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