Aim Trainer – Free online Aim Booster [UPDATED]

Aim Trainer is a free online tool/game to improve your mouse skills. It helps you to improve your gaming and aiming skills. Apart from aim improvement it also helps you to increase your action time and click speed.

There are a lot of online shooting games in which your aim matters a lot. Players with the perfect aim can beat competitors more easily. Aim Booster helps you to compete with competitors professionally. You can also improve your aim with our tool for free. 

Aim Trainer
My Aim Is Terrible!!! I will use the Aim Trainer To Improve!

 How to play Aim Trainer / Aim Booster Game 

It’s really easy to play the online aim trainer. As you can see the start game button, score, and time counter are in the above game. Let’s find out in detail how they work.

1- To start the game first go to

2- As you land on the website you will see the aim training game on your screen.

3- Simply click on the “Start Game” button and the game will start immediately.

4- Remember that you just have 60 seconds in this game. Your full focus should be on the game. 

5- As the game begins the timer will start clicking and targets will start appearing on your screen.

6- Your mission will be to aim at each target perfectly. 

7- In the beginning, the targets will stay for a longer time but as time decreases the targets will disappear more quickly. 

8- In the top left corner you will see the score which is the total number of successful aims you make. 

9- As the time will run out you will be presented with your final results. 

10- The final result will show your mouse accuracy, speed, and score.

11- Mouse accuracy shows how accurately you aim at the targets while speed shows how fast you aim at the targets as they appear on the screen. 

The most important thing is the aim of accuracy. If you got an accuracy above 90% you are a good gamer and can play PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire, and Call of Duty professionally.  The second important score is speed. Players with good aiming speed can respond quickly. 

aim trainer

AimBooster World Record

Many users quote the world record. A lot of videos are published on YouTube claiming the world record. As there is no authentic source so we would mention the one who claimed the record on YouTube which is 10:09 minutes.

 Does Aim booster help? 

In FPS (First-person shooting) games, your aim matters a lot. It helps in improving the aim of games. Not just the aiming skills but also helps to increase the click speed, action time, and accuracy as well. 

Aim trainer has another benefit in that you can play it with a free mind as you don’t have any fear of getting killed by your competitor. If you don’t perform well the first time you can restart the game with just one click. There is no competitor in this game except you. So take your time and play it easily. 

One more thing is that if your internet connection is not stable then you can also download the aim trainer games. 

 How to Play Aim trainer offline? 

If you want to enjoy the aim booster game without the internet you can download and install it on your laptop or pc. Unfortunately, you can’t download it on your mobile phone. One must have a pc to enjoy it offline.

Download the “aimbooster.swf” file on your computer and open it in the browser. Now you are ready to play the game offline. 


Remember one thing you need to install the flash in your browser before playing it offline. The best thing about this game is free. Anyone having the facility to the internet can enjoy it. You can try this aim test without any limits. Keep practicing daily you will see a clear difference in your aiming ability. 

Moreover, you can share your results with your friends and can challenge them.