APM Test – Check the Actions Per Minute Now

If you are a video gamer and want to speed up your actions, this APM test is for you.  Try our action per minute test and check now how many actions you can make in a minute.

If you are a game lover and often play action, war games, your APM should be very good. Many starcrafts and warcraft players try this test to improve their actions per minute. After this test, players can play the game with better actions and can get a high score.

 What is Action Per Minute? 

Action per minute is the process to check the number of clicks or actions a gamer can make in one minute. The higher the APM, the high chances of beating your competitor.

Normal video gamers should also try this test. APM is important for all gamers. It does not just increase the actions, but it also helps in improving your accuracy.

It’s easy to get a high APM but it’s hard to achieve a high EPM.

APM Test: Steps to start the action per minute

Below are the steps to follow to start the actions per minute test. This tester is really simple and easy to use. Even a child can understand and play it without facing any problem.

1- The user must have an established internet connection before attempting the test.

2-  Our website is mobile-friendly. You can use any device to perform this test. It does not matter if you’re using a laptop, tablet, or mobile.

3- Open the available browser on your device. You can use any browser because it is compatible with all browsers.

4- Type clickingspeedtester.com/amp-test in the search bar and press the enter button.

5- AMP test page will load in front of you.

6- There are different speeds of this game: slow, Medium, Fast, and super fast. If you are a beginner, you should first go with a slow-speed mode.

7- Click on the blue button and start the test.

8- Above the box, there are three different counters. Effective clicks, clicks, and percentage counters.

9- Effective clicks tell about the number of successful actions you make. Click counter shows the total number of clicks you make.

10- Percentage counter show the ratio of successful action you make. As the time will run out, the final result will be displayed on the screen.

11- The final result will include APM & EPM. If you get a low score, you should try the test again by clicking on the restart button.

apm test

Importance of APM Test

Now the arises the question of why the AMP test is essential? Why do you need to practice? The reason is that it helps you to improve your reaction time and develop a habit of reacting or clicking fast. Not just reaction time, but it also helps you to improve accuracy.

Gamers having high APM are professional gamers, and they can beat any player easily. If a gamer has a low APM, it means that you are a beginner, and will need to improve your skills. Professional gamers can also have low action time.  It indicates that the gamer doesn’t have developed skills.

Improve your Accuracy 

APM Test

Accuracy is one of the important factors in any game. No matter which game you play, accuracy is equally important for all the games. If you hit the mouse at the relevant position, then your accuracy is good. Having good accuracy means you are a professional player and can beat your competitor easily.

This is the perfect test for gamers, especially beginner gamers, to improve their accuracy. Many gamers try this test, and they seea clear improvement in their actions and accuracy. It would help if you also practiced it daily, and you will definitely see an improvement in your gaming skills.

Above 90% accuracy is considered as good. After completing this test, you will be able to see your accuracy percentage.

Lessen your Unnecessary Clicks

In most games, unnecessary clicks and actions can lead you towards defeat. Even one wrong click can end a game. AMP helps you to lessen your necessary clicks.

When you play this game, clicking in the wrong box is considered an invalid click. As you practice this test three or more times, it automatically reduces your necessary clicks.

The below YouTube Video will show you how improving your APM can make you a better player.


I hope you get a high score on this APM test. If you want to increase your clicking speed, you can try our 20 seconds click test. Moreover, you can share the website and your result with your friends just for entertainment and fun. Also you can share your score in the comment box.

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