Auto Key Presser – Free Auto Keyboard Presser [100% Safe]

auto key presser While playing games, sometimes, you have to press the keyboard key constantly for particular tasks, but constantly pressing can be annoying at times. An auto key presser is a free tool available to keep pressing the specific keyboard key automatically. You can use the hotkey to start it.

It allows you to press the keyboard key automatically without making any effort. You have to do a few settings, and you are ready to use them. To download it click on the following button, and the software will start downloading on your pc.

Downloading speed depends on your internet connection; if you have a good internet connection, it will take a few seconds to download. The best thing about this software is that it is available for MAC users also. If you are using MAC, you can download and use it as well. 

How to Install and Use Auto Keyboard Presser

It’s straightforward to configure and use the automatic key presser. Let’s find out in detail how to install and use it properly.

1- First, you have to download the file. Click on the download button available above, and it will start downloading.

2- As the download will complete, open the file to install it. The installation setup will show on your screen. You can select the settings as per your choice. 

3- Once the installation will complete, open the tool by double-clicking on the icon. You can easily find the tool on your desktop once it is installed successfully.

4- Now, you can see the Key to automate section. In this section, you will have two different options. You can select a single key (w,x,y,z), or you can select a combination of keys like CTRL + a.

5- After selecting the key to automate, you will have to set the shortcut key to start or stop the auto-pressing of a selected button. 

6-  Now, after that, the select delay time between the keys. You will find this option under the auto keyboard configuration. You can select the time in seconds, milliseconds, and minutes as per your choice. 

7- Next, you have to set the number of times the key is to be pressed. It’s up to your requirement; if you want it to keep pressing until you stop it manually, you can set it to 0. 

8- After that, you are ready to use it. Although there are a lot of other different options available, these options are not necessary so you can leave them. 

9- Now, close the software and open your favorite game. Hit the hotkey you selected, and you will see the magic of this tool. 

 Tip:  Sometimes after doing all these settings the tool still does not work perfectly. If you face any issues while starting or configuring it, you can email them. Their official email is mentioned on the software. 

Auto key presser

Important Features of Auto Keyboard Presser 

Let’s find out the amazing and interesting features of the software!! 

 Free Download & Installation:  The tool/software is free to download and install. To download it, you don’t have to put any information or anything. With just one click, you can download and install it.

 Compatible For All devices:  The software is compatible with all devices. It can work on a computer and laptop with all windows 8, 7, and 10. Some of the software doesn’t work on a 32-bit operating system. But this software works on both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

 Simple Interface:  There is a lot of useful software available on the internet but some software is really difficult to use because of its complicated interface. This tool/software has a straightforward interface consisting of one page with no menu bar. Before starting the game, you have to do the settings. 

 Available For MAC users:  Many players use the MAC book and sometimes these helpful software is not available on the MAC. Interestingly this software is available for MAC users also. They can download and use it on their MAC free of cost. 


1- Is the auto key presser free?

Yes, this tool is free of cost for everyone. Anyone having access to the internet can download it free of cost anytime. The best part about the software is that it provides free updates also.

2- Is the auto button presser safe?

It is safe to download and install. We tried the software and scanned it through different antiviruses. Without a doubt, it is safe to use it.

 Auto Key Presser for Roblox 

As you know, in many Roblox games, you will have to require a specific keyboard key constantly. The good news is that this software works perfectly for Roblox. You have to download it on your system.

Do all the proper settings as per your requirement and use them easily. Remember that it is against the rules of Roblox to use third-party software. If you use it properly, your Roblox account will not get banned.


There are other different alternatives to an auto keyboard presser. You can install and use them also. Before using them, make sure that they are safe to use. Moreover, you can play different games on our website also. You can try different tests as well, for example, the keyboard test.  

If you face any issues or problems, feel free to comment on this post.