Badlion Click Test – Clicking Speed Tester


Many players want to try the badlion click test as Minecraft merged the badlion with kohi. Gamers need to improve their clicking skills. These click testers are specially made for gamers to check and improve their clicking skills.

It allows you to make unlimited clicks in a given time. Some modes have five seconds and ten seconds and some even have 100 seconds to improve their mouse-hitting ability. In this mode, you have 10 seconds to try it.

 Importance of Badlion Click Test  

In many games, you need to have a high clicking speed to beat your competitor. Only true gamers know the importance of fast clicking. The Badlion CPS Test is specially made for gamers to practice and improve their clicking skills with accurate results. 

One more thing is that it is different from other tests. Like in a jitter test, you have to put all your energy and effort into completing it. But in the Badlion Click Test with just a little effort, you can complete it. 

How to start the Badlion Click Test?

Badlion click test

Before starting the test, you should know the rules and steps to start it. You will have a limited time to make clicks. As time is over, you will not be able to make any other click, and the final result will be shown on the screen. In the result box, you will see your cps (clicks per second) and your rank.

Normally most players can easily get 12 cps. It depends on how much practice you do. We have different ranks depending on your CPS rate. If you get low cps, you will get the turtle rank, and if you get high cps, you will get the rabbit rank.

1- Go to any browser and search our website.

2- Then, open the test page and see the box.

3- Hit on the click to start button, and the timer will start immediately.

Pro tip: If you are a laptop user, you can attach any mouse and can enjoy it easily.

4- As time ends, you will see the result box.

5 The result box will show how many clicks you have made in one second, your rank based on your performance, and the total time taken to complete the test. 

Maybe on the first attempt, you will not get a high score. It’s better to try this test again and again for better results. 


Suppose you want to try other different tests, like the butterfly click test. You can check them on our website also. We have a variety of tests with different timeframes like 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc. If you want to make clicks for a long time, you can also try 100 seconds test.

Many players try these tests just for fun and entertainment. They say that it helped them to relieve stress. You can also share your final result with your friends and challenge them.