Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking in 2023: Ultimate Guide

Butterfly clicking leads to enhancing your capabilities and improves your gaming skills through challenging games. It requires hastily pressing your mouse with your forefinger and middle finger. Consequently, you gain several additional clicks to attain your target much faster. Inevitably selecting the best mouse for butterfly clicking is extremely important in today’s modern gaming community.

That is why we’ve tested and compiled a list of the 7 Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking to assist you in selecting the best butterfly clicking mouse. Each of these mice has been used by us in multiple games including Minecraft as well. Trust me, the mouse I’ve selected for you performs wonderfully when it comes to butterfly clicking. Our objective is to guide you in picking the best one for your requirements!

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

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Razer DeathAdder V2

Razer DeathAdder V2

  • Connectivity: Wired-Razer™ Speedflex Cable
  • Compatible devices: Windows 
  • Mouse height: 43 mm
  • Mouse width: 70 mm

Razer Naga Trinity Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse


  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Compatible devices: computer
  • Mouse height: 43 mm
  • Mouse width: 72 mm

SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310

  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatible devices: OS Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox
  • Mouse height: 40 mm
  • Mouse width: 71 mm

So, let’s jump into it: 

Firstly, What is a butterfly clicking, and how to do a butterfly click?

When you play any game, a single mouse click makes your game character move. If such a movement is crucial to gaming and executing it repeatedly provides you an advantage over the competition, you would like to work on improving your overall clicking ability. That’s when butterfly clicking comes in handy. 

Butterfly clicking requires pressing the main key with the index and middle fingers while performing the motion. The main key in the case of right-handed players would be the left button of the mouse. 

The butterfly click test, in general, indicates that you increase your clicks per second. Professional players usually play with 22cps and we suggest beginners apply 12cps for practicing. To achieve such a high clicking rate, you’ll require the best mouse for butterfly clicking. Let’s review a few of them below:

Our Top Pick

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

Glorious Model O: Best Overall


  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatible devices: PC, PlayStation, XBOX, MAC
  • Mouse height: 37.5 mm
  • Mouse width: 66mm

Glorious Model O is renowned for its highly efficient and lightweight design. This mouse has a honeycomb structure that enables it to be lightweight weighing only 67g yet being durable. Furthermore, It features six buttons altogether with two present at the sides. These buttons are simply controlled using the associated programs.

Glorious Model O offers outstanding sensor responsiveness with high click latency making it arguably one of the best mice for butterfly clicking. When I was clicking the mouse aggressively it didn’t produce any noise, thus you can carry on your butterfly techniques without bothering anyone around.

Interestingly, the mouse can stand up to 20 million clicks so you can click non-stop. Moreover, this mouse is designed with fantastic software that gives a bunch of modifications, especially complete RGB customizations. Also, it features onboard memory allowing you to remember the mouse setup even when restarting your PC or using it on a new one.

The dexterous shape of the Glorious Model O is best suited to people having medium and large hands. Not to forget, the feet of Glorious O is incredible. They’re composed of virgin PTFE and glide extremely smoothly, despite having some rough, sharp corners.

The Glorious Model O has a high DPI of 12,000 providing the sharpest targeting when gaming. Lastly, it has a fantastic lightweight and bendy cable. Though you can also avail a wireless model that works with the same efficiency. 

  • Sturdy built
  • Lightweight 
  • Budget-friendly
  • various colors including matte, black, glossy, or white
  • 2-years warranty
  • Needs regular cleaning

Final words: All in all, the Glorious Model O is the best mouse for butterfly clicking on the go. It’s among the lightest mouse I’ve played with, and it performs admirably with minimal click latency. Although this mouse has an incredibly comfortable grip, with an ergonomic design, it’s important to note that this mouse is not suited for small hands. If your hands are small, then the Glorious model O minus is a way to go.

SteelSeries Sensei 310


  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatible devices: OS Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox
  • Mouse height: 40 mm
  • Mouse width: 71 mm

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming mouse is well-known by expert gamers owning to the ambidextrous style. The distinctive design of this mouse feels comfortable in both claw and fingertip gripping. In addition, it has silicone rear grips that give the mouse superb stability throughout the game.

Furthermore, the mouse weighing roughly 92.1 grams is best for use in expert competitions assisting players to expand their skills. Also, it boasts a long lift-off reach, minimal click latency, and a wider CPI range that makes it the best mouse for butterfly clicking. While this mouse features eight buttons each of which is programmable, I usually play using only six buttons.

In addition, this mouse contains Omron mechanical switches that have the endurance for 50 million clicks, thus best for butterfly clicks. Lastly, the Sensei 310 is powered by SteelSeries Engine 3 software allowing you to modify DPI, manage RGB lights, and adjust the button settings. 

  • Designed for both right and left-handers
  • Lightweight design with a solid base.
  • Optical sensor with 350 IPS.
  • low-cost
  • Comfortable for small and medium hands
  • Doesn’t support braided cable

Final words: The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is an excellent FPS mouse that has effective feet to glide across the mousepad with ease. The low click latency and perfect grip for claw style make it the best mouse for butterfly clicking. The downside I noticed in this gaming mouse is that it offers only two DPI options that limit the speed preference of the mouse pointer.

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

Logitech G403 Hero 25K: Best value pick


  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatible devices: Windows 7, macOS 10.11, Internet connection
  • Mouse height: 43 mm
  • Mouse width: 65 mm

If you’re searching for the best mouse for butterfly clicking that’s a little less expensive, Logitech G403 is a good option. This mouse comes with a nice ergonomic and comfortable design, specially made for gamers with small hands. In addition, the rubber grip present on both sides ensures firm gripping be it claw or palm grip, whatever suits you better.

The mouse is extremely lightweight weighing 87 grams that is suitable to play during long gaming sessions. Also, this mouse includes 10 grams of additional weight, for players like me who prefer a slightly heavier mouse. The G403 is equipped with Omron switches that can handle 20 million clicks with minimal click delay which is best for butterfly clicking.

Moreover, this mouse offers a 1 ms report rate that is 8 times faster, thus making it the best butterfly clicking mouse of its competitors.  This mouse is powered by G Hub software that allows gamers to customize the 5 distinct sensitivity ranges from 100 to 25000 DPI. A high 25000 DPI sensor ensures high sensitivity when carrying out activities such as gaming, drawing, etc.

As well as you can seamlessly move from charging actions using speedy button presses and sharp focus on the targeted region. Over and above, Logitech G Hub allows you to program the six included buttons. Also, the mouse offers onboard memory that saves your key designations so you can connect your mouse to new PCs on the go.

Lastly, using this mouse was very appealing as the RGB adjustable lighting on this mouse offers 16.8 million vibrant colors.

  • Sturdy built quality
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great polling rate
  • 2.1m braided cable
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive in the Wireless version 

Final words: Overall, the Logitech G403 is the best mouse for butterfly clicking owing to its high polling rate and reduced click latency. Also, the scroll wheel is reliable, however, it lacks L/R tilting controls and limitless scrolling. Nonetheless, this mouse boasts a high-quality design and an adjustable cord that allows you to move about effortlessly.

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity: Best versatile mouse


  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Compatible devices: computer
  • Mouse height: 43 mm
  • Mouse width: 72 mm

Razer Naga Trinity is, without doubt, the best versatile mouse for butterfly clicking giving the upper hand to gamers with its multiple button options. The Razer Naga Trinity is a wonderful mouse that features three side panels with 2, 7, and 12 buttons that can be customized.

It features 19 modifiable buttons altogether, with 12  buttons located upon the thumb grip. These buttons enable a sudden strike of clicking in quite a short period, resulting in around 15-20 clicks per second. Furthermore, this mouse’s mechanical buttons can sustain approximately 50 million clicks, making it an easy mouse for butterfly clicking.

In addition, the adjustable buttons deliver audible confirmation to assure that clicks have been noticed while also eliminating unintentional clicks. The Naga Trinity is supported by the Razer Synapse 3 program which offers multiple modification options.

You can adjust 16.8 million color RGB lighting and modify the speed of your pointer accordingly. Also, this software simply hangs on to your played profiles so you can swap among them whenever you desire. Lastly, the higher sensitivity of 16000 DPI allows for easy pixel-perfect targets throughout the game. 

  • Audible clicking of buttons
  • Great performance
  • Suited for medium and large hands
  • High speed with 5G optical sensor
  • 2 years warranty
  • High price rate

Final words: In brief, the Razer Naga Trinity is a terrific, adaptable mouse for butterfly clicking due to its interchangeable side panel construction. This mouse features low latency and about 19 configurable buttons to pick from. The mouse is built with outstanding ergonomics and a comfortable grip.

However, I would not suggest this mouse to gamers with small hands, as the 120-gram weight of this mouse can be a little heavy for small hands.

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

Razer DeathAdder V2: Top-rated mouse


  • Connectivity: Wired-Razer™ Speedflex Cable
  • Compatible devices: Windows 
  • Mouse height: 43 mm
  • Mouse width: 70 mm

If you want to go for the most used mouse for butterfly clicking, Razer DeathAdder V2 is the one. The popularity of this mouse is due to the enhanced ergonomic design that offers a comfortable grip be it fingertip, palm, or claw. This mouse is specifically best for right-handed gamers as the characteristic shape maintains better gameplay.

Razer DeathAdder V2 is equipped with a Razer Optical Mouse Switch that offers a fast 0.2 millisecond response time. Also, when a click is registered, an infrared light illuminates to help eliminate any misclicks. Furthermore, the designed optical switches in this mouse can tolerate 70 million clicks which makes it the best mouse for butterfly clicks.

This mouse features eight buttons including two DPI switches, two main click buttons, and a scrolling wheel. Moreover, it works with Razer Synapse 3 software that allows you to completely adjust the buttons and the RGB lighting.  The Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor offers a sensitivity of 20000 DPI for pinpoint accuracy.

Additionally, this mouse weighs merely 82g, making it the best lightweight butterfly clicking mouse. Not to forget, the mouse has an internal memory that stores 5 distinct setups for several gamers and regular individuals. On playing with this mouse I felt that the buttons are three times faster than usual mouse buttons. Lastly, the cable given is drag-free for an easier cordless connection.

  • Lightweight design
  • PTFE feet for the fastest motion
  • Significantly upgraded cable
  • Includes 16.8 million RGB colors
  • Excellent performance and modification possibilities
  • Average software response

Final words: In short, The Razer DeathAdder V2 is an excellent first-person gaming mouse. It offers a good click latency, a wide controlled CPI gamut, and a fast maximal polling speed.

Also, this mouse is the best butterfly clicking mouse for all types of hand sizes. However, if you prefer a claw or fingertip grip and have a small hand this may be a more difficult mouse for you to play with. 

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

HyperX Pulsefire Raid: Best Performance Mouse


  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Compatible devices: computer, windows
  • Mouse height: 41 mm
  • Mouse width: 69 mm

The Pulsefire Raid mouse, which promotes quickness and adaptability, is another best mouse for butterfly clicking. It’s a small, ultralight mouse that weighs 127g with wire and 98g without one. Furthermore, this mouse comes with 11 customizable buttons, five of which are present on the edges for better mouse grip.

Also, this mouse has a split-button layout that shines as a standout attribute. The basic right and left buttons are equipped with Omron switches, which provide a physical and audible response when a click is detected. In addition, these Omron mechanical switches can resist 20 million clicks without breaking down.

Moreover, Pulsefire Raid offers the Pixart 3389 sensor that gives off a 16000 DPI sensitivity level for a greater level of accuracy. The mouse is compatible with HyperXNGenuity software that allows you to modify the RGV lights illuminating the logo and scroll wheel.

Likewise, this software allows you to change the DPI. Also, it features a large CPI range, which you may alter in 50-point intervals, and has a short lift-off range. Lastly, this mouse is wired with a stretchy braided wire for easier gliding throughout your gameplay. 

  • solidly built design
  • Rubberized side grips
  • L/R tilt controls are located on the scroll wheel.
  • customizable 11 buttons
  • Braided cable
  • Simplistic design

Final words: Overall, the HyperX Pulsefire Raid is a great mouse for MMO gameplay offering a high DPI of 16000. It is a well-designed mouse that features a right-handed design that works best with each grip style. Regretfully there were two downsides. I noticed that this mouse gives a high click latency and customizable buttons can be confusing at times.

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

NACODEX AJ339: Best Budget-Friendly Mouse for Butterfly clicking


  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Compatible devices: Windows
  • Mouse height: 38 mm
  • Mouse width: 66 mm

The NACODEX AJ339 is a great low-cost mouse that offers every function necessary for butterfly clicking. This mouse’s ergonomic design will suit your hand for every grip style giving a comfortable gaming environment.

Furthermore, the mouse has a lightweight design, weighing around 65g which allows you to be more versatile in your operations, position quickly, and play more easily. In addition, it is built with a honeycomb shell that retains comfort and allows your hand to stay cool throughout long gameplays.

The AJ339 employs a Pixart PMW3327 optical sensor offering 12400DPI highly accurate resolution. Also, this mouse has six configurable buttons that may be modified to match your requirements. Similarly, you can change the DPI level between 500,1500,800,3200,2400 and 64000.

Not to forget, this butterfly clicking mouse can easily survive 20 million button clicks which makes this considerably the best mouse for butterfly clicking. The NACODEX AJ339 features a stylish RGB lighting circle with 10 illumination patterns, incredible bright colors, and fantastic visual implications. Lastly, this mouse works with almost every operating system. 

  • 220 IPS tracking speed
  • Long USB wire
  • 16.8 million RGB colors
  • includes cycling, breathing, and static lighting modes
  • Light ergonomic design
  • Not for bigger palms

Final words: In short, NACODEX AJ339 is a great option if you’re interested in a lightweight and inexpensive butterfly clicking mouse. This mouse features a 65-inch extremely ultralight wire that allows you to play the game without concern of frame drop. Although this mouse offers a comfortable grip for any grip style, the scroll wheel gets overly stiff at times. 

Buying Guide For The Best Butterfly Clicking Mouse

Best Butterfly Clicking Mouse Buying Guide

As you can see, several mice are the best butterfly clicking mice having a range of abilities. There are still some variables to look at while hunting for the best mouse for butterfly clicking. A few of the most crucial variables to consider before selecting the mouse are listed below.

 1- Built design:  When we talk about gaming mice consider a mouse that stays comfortable under your palm. Not only that, but it’s crucial that the mouse adjusts in your grip perfectly. Every mouse has their distinct ergonomic build, so be careful when selecting the one that fits your palm. 

 2- Type of sensor:  The type of sensor determines the accuracy of your mouse. The most common sort of sensor is optical, which is quite reliable. Whereas laser sensors are known for high productivity. In this case, you might consider changing the functions, you’ll need a compatible program. Conversely, there are several instances where the presets will do well.

 3- Customizable buttons:  The programmable buttons have been really helpful in gaming but they’re not essential. Check to see if your mouse does have programmable buttons and if you think they are handy. If you desire straightforwardness, there are lots of other mice available that don’t have these added features and yet run wonderfully!

 4- Adjustable DPI settings:  It is equally important to check if your mouse allows customizing the DPI. This is particularly crucial for butterfly clickers, who desire to make several precise clicks each second.

 5- Cost:  You don’t have to invest heavily in a mouse to meet your butterfly clicking needs. Numerous budget-friendly gaming mice will give plenty of butterfly clicks. It’s a wise idea to target the optimal combination of both efficiency and value.

 Conclusion:  To conclude, today we highlighted the 7 best mice for butterfly clicking. Also, we included the good and bad of the mouse along with a buying guide for your convenience.

Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll find your best butterfly clicking mouse! Do let me know about your favorite mouse for butterfly clicking. Before going, let’s take a quick recap of our top three selected mice:

  • Best overall, Glorious Model O (Paid Link):  This mouse has a honeycomb structure that enables it to be lightweight weighing only 67g yet being durable. Also, it features onboard memory allowing you to remember the mouse setup even when restarting your PC or using it on a new one
  • Runner up, SteelSeries Sensei 310 (Paid Link):  The distinctive design of this mouse feels comfortable in both claw and fingertip gripping. Also, it boasts a long lift-off reach, minimal click latency, and a wider CPI range that makes it the best mouse for butterfly clicking. 
  • Value pick, Logitech G403 (Paid Link): This mouse comes with a nice ergonomic and comfortable design, specially made for gamers with small hands. Also, this mouse is powered by G Hub software that allows gamers to customize the 5 distinct sensitivity ranges from 100 to 25000 DPI.

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it permissible to use butterfly clicking in every online game?

Ans: No, butterfly clicking is not permitted by every site or game. This technique is used to gain an upper hand against competitors. Consequently, they have a competitive advantage. By these factors, several websites have severe regulations about butterfly clicking.

  • Why do players perform butterfly clicking with the wired mouse but not wireless?

Ans: Butterfly clicking involves fast and rapid clicking. When you play with a wireless mouse, the rapid clicking can be hard for your computer or PC to register. For this reason, it is suggested to use the best-wired mice for butterfly clicking. 

  • Can butterfly clicking cause any damage?

Ans: Yes, continuous butterfly clicks can be tiresome resulting in fatigue. You can minimize fatigue by taking breaks after several clicks. Also, try to play with the ergonomically built mouse.