Chrome Dino Game Online – T-rex Run Game

Chrome Dino Game Online is a fun game to kill boredom when your internet connection is lost. When the internet signals die the dinosaur game appears on your screen. You can start the game by just pressing your keyboard spacebar or by touching your mobile screen. As time passes the speed increases, and it’s hard to survive long.

The best thing about this game is that now you can play it online too. Google Chrome has designed this game for both desktop and mobile phone devices.

chrome dino game online

 Guide to playing Chrome Dino Game Online:          

Playing a Chrome Dino game is not hard at all but it’s better to have a guide before playing it. Follow the following steps and enjoy the offline dinosaur game.

1- To start the game you have to press the spacebar. Once you press the spacebar the game will start immediately.

2- The dinosaur will start running and you have to pass the obstacles to score higher. Also, you will see an increase in speed as time passes.

3- If your spacebar key is not working alternatively you can use arrow keys to play it.

4- In the same way, you can play on a mobile device, tap on the screen, and the dinosaur starts running and jumping over the obstacles.

The game will be over as you touch any obstacle.

 Chrome Dino Game Online FAQs 

What is the highest score on Chrome Dino gameplay?

The highest score recorded on the Chrome Dine game is 99,999. It’s not hard to beat this score, all you need is practice and energy. 

Can I play a dinosaur game online?

Yes, you can play dinosaur games online. Different websites offer this game; we are also offering this, and you can enjoy it for free without any restrictions. 

In the below YouTube Tutorial, you will learn how with just one line of Python code, you can have an unlimited score in the Chrome Dine Game Online.


Hope you will like playing the running dinosaur game. If you face any issue do comment we will try to fix it. 

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