Click Counter Online – Clicking Speed Tester


Click counter is the tool to count the number of clicks for different purposes. You can use it for steps counter, exercise counter, tally counter, and other purposes.

Many people try this just for fun and joy. However, some people say that clicking relaxes their minds. If you are tired and want to relax your mind then it can be a good choice for you.

 Why is click counter used? 

It is used to count the number of clicks you make with your mouse. We made this tool mobile-friendly and can even count the clicks with your mobile phone. Many users use it to count steps during exercise. Even if you are playing any sports still it can be used to count the score.

 How to use click counter? 

click counter

It is the simplest tool and is very easy to use. Above the tool, you have two boxes one is the score section and the other one is the restart box. The score section will show how many clicks you are making and the restart button will help you to start the counter again.

To start the counter simply click on the start button it will start immediately. As you hit your mouse the score will increase by one number and if you want to start it again then you can use the restart button.


Clicker Counter online is a very simple tool everyone can use without facing any problems. One more important thing about our tool is that it is mobile-friendly. You easily use it on your mobile phone. If you are a computer user then you can hit it with your mouse.
You can also share our website on different platforms. If you want to try other click tests like the click per second test you can also try them on our website.