Click Speed Test 15 Seconds – Clicking Speed Tester


Want to check how many clicks you can make in 15 seconds? Take this click speed test 15 seconds and find out exactly how many clicks you make. Your click speed matters a lot; better mouse speed can win you matches more easily.

Although 15 seconds look’s like a shorter time span in real life, it is not really that short. Hitting the mouse constantly for fifteen seconds is not an easy job. It requires focus, energy, and effort. These 15 seconds will be much longer than real life. 

13.5 CPS is the world record in 15 seconds – Challenge Yourself and beat it now!!

How to start the 15 seconds click test

Our tool is straightforward and easy to use. Even a small child can play this test without instructions. Still, it’s better to see how it works. Below are the simple steps you need to follow to start the test. 

1- First, open our website ( in your mobile/ desktop browser.

2- As soon, the website will load, go to the search bar and select the tester as per your choice.

3- Once the desired page will open. You will see the click test tool on your screen. 

4- To start the test, you will have to hit on the start button. 

5- As you hit the start button, the timer will begin immediately. You will have to hit the maximum clicks in a limited time. 

6- You will also see your score, time, and cps on your screen. 

7- As the time will run out, the game will stop immediately, and you will not be able to hit the mouse anymore. 

8- Once the time will complete, you will be presented with your final result.

Most players can easily get the 14 cps. If you are not getting a high score, you should do more practice. Remember that only practice can make you perfect. 

One more thing is that cps depends on time also. The more the time the lesser will be the cps. If you want to achieve the high cps, try the 5 seconds click test. 

click speed test 15 seconds

Benefits of Click Speed Test 15 Seconds

 Fun & Entertainment:  Mostly players try this test to improve their cps and mouse hitting ability. Interestingly there are a lot of players who play this game just for fun and entertainment. After getting a high score, they challenge their friends. If you are under stress and want to release the stress, this game can help you. 

 Improve your performance in games:  As you know, in many games, you need to have a high hitting speed to compete with your opponent. Using this tool, you can easily improve your mouse click speed and win matches more comfortably.

In this YouTube video, you are going to learn how CPS affects PvP.


I hope you enjoyed 15 second click test. If you face any issue or problem, you can comment on this post. We will surely fix that. 

Moreover, you can share your results with your friends and can challenge them. If you are a beginner, you may not perform well on the first try. Instead of losing hope, you should try the test again and again. 

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