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In the click test 100 seconds, you have the maximum time to check your clicking speed. However, many players prefer a short time to test their clicking ability. Some players want to play the game for a long time, and it is the best option for them.

In this mode, you have a hundred seconds to make the maximum mouse hits. You might be thinking 100 seconds is too short in real life, but in this game hundred seconds are more than enough. Your stamina should be solid so that you can make maximum hits for a long time.

6.2 CPS is the world record in 100 seconds!! Challenge Yourself and beat it now!!

Way to Play and Complete Click Test 100 Seconds

One of the biggest challenges while playing this mode is to complete it. You know the time is long, and it’s tough to keep hitting the mouse for a long time. If you keep hitting it for a long time, your fingers can get strained. That’s the reason most players don’t like this mode.

If you keep hitting the mouse quickly, you can get tired and cannot complete it. It’s better to play this mode at a low pace. This is the only way to survive this mode.

You should also remember one thing you cannot get a high CPS in this mode. Many players get 12 cps in clicks per minute test, but you can hardly get 6 cps in this mode. Time is inversely proportional to cps; the more time the lower the cps will be.

Click Test 100 Seconds

 How to Start Click Test 100 Seconds 

Just follow the simple steps and start the 100 seconds click test.

1- Click on the start button available above.

2- The 100 second timer will start immediately.

3- Try to make the maximum clicks in a hundred seconds.

After completing the time you will be able to see your cps, rank, and number of clicks you made per second. As you know this mode consists of 100 seconds so most players fail to get a high cps.

 Insane Clicking Method 

In the below Youtube Video, you will see an insane clicking method:


It is difficult to maintain your clicking pace constant for 100 seconds so you may not be able to get a high cps in this 100 seconds mode. With a lot of practice, you can score high in this mode as well. 

After completing the test you can share your rank with your friends and challenge them to see who can make more clicks in 100 seconds. Don’t try to play this mode for a long time. Also, try the other modes that have less time.

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