Clicks in 20 Seconds – Clicking Speed Tester


Click test is the game to check how many clicks you can make at a particular time. If you want to test your clicking ability in 20 seconds, this mode is specially made for you. You can record your number of clicks in 20 seconds.

There are a lot of different websites that offer you to check your mouse hitting ability. Even now, many clicking apps available on the play store. You should check them for a better and different experience. But the most common way is through online websites.

The best thing about the online clicking speed websites that they are free and easy to use. You don’t have to login or sign up. Visit the website and enjoy the game. In this mode, you have 20 seconds to enjoy the game.

13.4 CPS is the world record in 20 seconds!! Challenge Yourself and beat it now!!

How to start the Clicks in 20 Seconds Challange?

You might think you don’t need to have the instructions to start the click speed test 20 seconds. But it’s important to have clear instructions before taking any challenge. There are just a few steps you need to follow.

1- Go to our website, or you can visit any other website.

2- Make sure the website is real and authentic.

3- Once you visit our website, you will have a variety of tests. Choose the timelapse.

4- After choosing the timelapse, click on the start button.

5- After hitting the start button, the timer will start ticking.

6- You can make unlimited clicks until the time runs out.

7- After the time will up. Your rank and the cps will be displayed.

For a better experience and more practice, you should take the test again and again.

clicks in 20 seconds

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If you are not happy with your cps, then no need to worry; you can try the test again. You should do the daily practice to improve your clicking skills. Moreover, you should try different devices for this game. Our website is mobile-friendly; you can also try it on your smartphone.

After this 20 sec click test, you can share your results with your friends just for fun and entertainment. There is a lot of other tests available on our website, like the badlion click test Gamers should try them also, especially Minecraft players.

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