Clicks Per Minute – 60 Second Click Test


You might be thinking 60 seconds is way more time than needed to test your speed. But surprisingly, one minute is the best way to test how fast you can click. In clicks per minute mode, players have sixty seconds to test their clicking speed.

This mode is considered the toughest one. You have to stay focused for a longer time than the 5-second test or other modes. Of course, after playing this game, you will make more and more clicks in a shorter time.

9.3 CPS is the world record in 60 seconds!! Challenge Yourself and beat it now!!

How to start the Clicks Per Minute test

There are some simple steps to begin the click counter 1 minute game.  

1- Click on the “Start to play button,” the clock will start ticking immediately.

2- Try to make maximum clicks in a given time. 

3- After completing the test, you will be able to see your rank.

Your rank depends on your CPS. The higher the cps you will achieve, the higher the rank you will get. If you don’t get a high CPS or rank on the first attempt you should try this test multiple times. 

Clicks Per Minute - 60 Second Click Test

Tips to Increase Your Speed in Clicks Per Minute Test

I started the test with an aggressive approach. I would also recommend you start it with full energy. Try to make maximum clicks in the first thirty seconds and maintain that momentum in the next half.

If you try this mode for the first time, you might not perform that well. That’s okay because, in this mode, you have a longer time as compared to other modes. You have to make extra effort to get to the top.

One of the other factors is the mouse. Especially in this mode, you have to click for a longer time, so only a good mouse can help you click for a long time. Gamers know the importance of a good mouse. It not only gives you comfort; it also provides you benefits while playing your favorite games.

Clicks Per Minute: The best clicking method for Minecraft Bedwars PVP

In the below YouTube Tutorial, you will see the optimal clicking technique for Minecraft bedwars today. The most significant aspect of clicking is not CPS.


If you don’t like this longer mode, you can try the shorter mode. It’s easier to play the shorter mode. If you face any issue or problem, do comment on our post.  Moreover, you can share your final result with your friends and can challenge them. 

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