Clicks Per Second Test – 1 Second click test


Do you want to check exactly how many clicks you can make in 1 second? Clicks per second test are the best way to check how many clicks you make exactly in 1 second. One second seems a shorter time to measure the speed. But actually, it is not. Probably it’s the best way to check your CPS perfectly.

It allows you to make maximum clicks in one second. When you click the start button, the timer clock will start ticking, and it will start counting your score and cps. You can try the test again and again to get the best results.

15 CPS is the world record in 1 second!! Challenge Yourself and beat it now!!

What are the Average Clicks per Second Speed?

On average most players make 10 clicks per second. If they can do this then definitely you can also achieve this. You need to practice and try various modes like a 10-second click test. In these modes, you have more time than this one.

If you want to break the world record first, you have to achieve the average speed. Then with time, you can get near to a world record. Just believe in yourself then anything is possible. Practice makes perfect.

Improve your Speed in clicks per second Test

I know every player wants to get a high score. But click speed depends on different factors. One of the most important factors is your mouse. Yes!! Your mouse. I would recommend you buy a gaming mouse that has the best accuracy.

Like other modes, this mode is also the same. But there are some differences in it. The first one is the time you have is just one second. Another thing is that you have to stay focused in this mode.

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You can follow some simple tricks to improve your 1-second click test speed other than buying a good mouse.

  • Use drag-clicking and jitter-clicking techniques
  • Use the mouse with the best accuracy.
  • Keep your mind relaxed.
  • Stay focused and try again & again.


If you think the clicks per second test is a tough mode, you can try other tests. You can try this game with different time frames like one second, five seconds, etc. One more thing is that some players use the auto clicker and make the world record. But I would not recommend you try this. Keep things natural; you will get a higher rank.

Moreover, you can share your final results with your friends and challenge them to see who gets the highest cps. If you are stressed out and want to remove your stress, this game/tester may help you. If you feel any issue do comment on the post.