Does Drag Clicking Damage Your Mouse?

Drag clicking is a technique in games like Minecraft, where you forcefully drag your finger across the right and left mouse buttons. This causes the mouse to register multiple clicks. You may be considering drag clicking and wondering does drag clicking damage your mouse.

Drag clicking damages the mouse. When you drag click, you damage the switches, most often leading to breaking the mouse. If you do not break it, drag clicking will reduce the mouse’s durability, making it less reliable for a longer time.

Does Drag Clicking Damage Your Mouse?

In this blog post, I will discuss how drag clicking damages your mouse and give tips on using drag clicking effectively to avoid damaging your mouse frequently.

What Is Drag Clicking?

Before I look at the different ways drag clicking damages your mouse, you must understand what this technique is and how to do it.

Drag clicking is a technique of clicking where as a player, you will drag fingers across the left and right buttons on your mouse. Doing so will initiate friction which in turn generates vibrations. These vibrations trick the mouse into recording a higher CPS (Clicks per second).

Players like drag clicking because it will help you reach up to 30 CPS. The average CPS is 6.51, while the world record is 14.1. Therefore 30 CPS is quite a high CPS, and you will have an advantage over the other players when using this technique.

How Does Drag Clicking Damage Your Mouse

Unfortunately, drag clicking is not good for your mouse. Read on as I discuss the different ways this technique will damage the mouse:

It Harms the Switches

As I mentioned earlier, drag clicking involves dragging your fingers on the left and right buttons on your mouse. You will have to do this multiple times when playing games to continuously register the high CPS. When you do this, you will cause harm to the switches, and they may eventually fail to function.

Causes The Mouse to Break

Another common effect of drag clicking is the mouse can break. This results from dragging your finger forcefully across the left and right buttons. As you play, you may get too absorbed in the game and use a lot of force when dragging your fingers. Many mice may be unable to sustain that kind of force, which could break the mouse.

Reduces Durability

This is quite expected when you drag clicking, especially when you frequently click. This continuous use of the mouse will cause it to wear and tear quickly, thus reducing its durability. You will be forced to replace the mouse within short periods to continue drag clicking effectively.

Factors That Affect How Drag Clicking Damage Your Mouse

Factors That Affect How Drag Clicking Damages Your Mouse

Not all mice will be damaged the same when you’re drag clicking. Some may take longer while others do not; here are a few factors that affect how drag clicking damages your mouse:

Frequency Of Use

The first factor is how frequently you drag click. If you are a frequent player and your mouse is subject to drag clicking most of the time, it will wear out faster than a player who drag clicks once in a while.

How Roughly You Drag Click

Different people will drag click differently; some are rougher than others. If you drag click using a lot of force, your mouse will get damaged easily and faster than someone careful enough to drag click slowly.

The Type of Mouse You Use

Not all mice are designed for drag clicking. For you to drag click properly, you need to have a gaming mouse with additional buttons specifically designed for pressurized movements and a higher CPS. These mice will not get damaged faster because that is its exact purpose; a regular mouse will experience wear and tear quickly as it is not designed for such use.

For detailed information on the best gaming mouse then have a look at this article I wrote: What Gaming Mouse Do the Pros Use?

Your Level of Proficiency

If you are good at drag clicking, you will not damage your mouse as someone who is just getting started. However, this does not mean experts in drag clicking do not damage their mice. It reduces the breakage or the frequency of the damages, but generally, drag clicking damages your mouse whether you are a newbie or an expert.

Tips To Prevent Your Mouse from Getting Damaged While Drag Clicking

Tips To Prevent Your Mouse from Getting Damage While Drag Clicking

Here are a few things to keep in mind to prevent or prolong the durability of your mouse while drag clicking:

Avoid Using Too Much Force

This is probably the first thing you need to keep track of. Do not use too much pressure as you drag click. Ensure your hands are slightly sweaty or moist. If you do not have sweaty or moist hands, you will keep struggling to drag click, thus the need to apply too much pressure.

You can opt to use tape if you feel your hands will not get enough friction. This way, you will generate enough friction and thus drag click easily without using much force.

Use The Right Mouse

Another very important step is to use a gaming mouse. With the right mouse, you can easily drag click because it will come with robust switches and a matte finish that will give you a proper grip on your mouse.

Avoid Frequent Use

This may not apply to everyone, but you can avoid using your mouse frequently. By not frequently using your mouse, you will extend its durability.


If you are not yet perfect at drag clicking, you should often practice improving this skill. An online tool is one of the best ways to ensure you are perfect. This tool will verify your drag click CPS and get you to the desired level. You can always access these tools through a browser and don’t need any installation.

Try our free online test: Drag Click Test

Final Thoughts

Drag clicking is a good technique to improve your CPS, but it can harm the switches of your mouse, break the mouse, or reduce its durability. You need to ensure you have the right mouse, avoid frequent use, and master drag clicking perfectly to avoid such damage. I hope this article has helped you learn whether or not drag clicking damages your mouse.