Double Click Test – Test Your Mouse Double Clicks

Is your mouse making double clicks? No need to worry. We have got the double click test for you, which checks the double-clicking of your mouse. Sometimes you make just only one click, but your mouse performs the double click. 

Nowadays, gamers also used this test to check the double click of the mouse. Basically, in some games, you need to click fast to beat your competitor. That’s why gamers prefer that mouse which has fast speed and makes more clicks.

Working of Double Click Test

Although it’s really easy to use the double click tester, here are some instructions that may benefit you while performing this test.

As you can see, there are three boxes available above; left box, right, and the middle one. Let’s discuss how it works. The right box detects the right click of the mouse. Similarly, the left box detects the left mouse button, and the middlebox detects the middle button clicks. 

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Now, let’s discuss the working by taking an example. For instance, if you make a right-click and at some point, your mouse makes a double click, then the status of that box will automatically change to “failed,” which means your mouse is making more than one click. 

double click test

Reason Behind Buttons Double Click

 Speed set low of double click 

Sometimes, intentionally or mistakenly, your mouse button speed setting is disturbed. Your mouse clicks just one time, but the system count is as double. It is just because setting speed too low in mouse settings that cause an issue.

 Dirty/unclean mouse buttons issue 

It is the most common reason for the double click issue. When you click once, the accumulation of dirt and dust particles inside the buttons causes the problem. It happened because you never take care of your mouse and do not clean it properly very often.

  Defect in mouse construction 

Another reason behind the double click is a defective mouse. The system incorrectly performs a double click function when you click once on your mouse button. It may be due to the faulty circuit board construction. That’s why you should always buy a good mouse.

How to Fix Double Clicks

Well, sometimes, it becomes such a tricky task to fix the double click issue. And it entirely depends upon the mouse issue. If your mouse double clicks do occur, then here are some ways to resolve this issue are as follows:

  Indicate the issue  –First of all, check your mouse by using our mouse double click test and identify that whether any existence of mouse double clicks issues or not.

 Check the system settings  –the foremost thing after indicating the issue is that you need to go into the primary setting of the computer system. Open the mouse settings. Check the double-click speed settings there. Reset the settings, and your issue will resolve within seconds.

 DIY is cheaper  –repairing is another exciting way. The best option tries to resolve it with you. Try to repair it by replacing the inner micro-switch or changing or bending the springs of the mouse. Try to watch a good tutorial on the internet as instructions.

 Do some programming  – there is another way to fix your problem by trying some programming for it. It works, and you can extend the life of the mouse up to several years more.

 Replacement is easy  –you can replace your defective mouse with a quality new one.

 Go to a professional  – if nothing works to resolve your issue, and then go to a professional hardware person or shop. After examining the defective mouse, get some valuable suggestions from him that whether there’s any need to repair the old one or buy a new one.

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