Drag Click Test – Drag Clicking Mouse [UPDATED]


Want to make a high score with a click test? Here is the drag click test; with this test’s help, players register hundreds of clicks in just a few seconds. In many games like Minecraft,  you require a high number of clicks with good speed. This test helps players to win their favorite games. 

Now the question arises how to drag click? It is not difficult; all you have to do is drag your finger on the left side of the mouse. 

15.7 CPS is the world record in Drag Test!! Challenge Yourself and beat it now!!

Steps to Start the Drag Click Test 

Here are a few simple steps you have to follow to take this test. Remember that you will have ten seconds to make the clicks. As the time will run out, you will not be able to register any further clicks. 

1- First, open our website on your web browser. It does not matter which browser you use as our tool is compatible with every browser and device. 

2- As the webpage loads, you will see the white box on your screen. To start the test, you have to click on the white box.

3- As you will hit the mouse button, the test will start immediately. You will have 10 seconds to make maximum clicks.

4- After ten seconds, you will be presented with your final results, including cps, rank, and the total number of clicks.

5- Most players can easily achieve 15 CPS on the first attempt. If you don’t achieve it on the first attempt, you should try it more than once. 

After taking this test, players will generate hundreds of clicks (with high speed) in a few seconds. You should keep in mind that this test will not help you improve your aim. 

drag click test

 How to Drag Click  

It should be noted that if your mouse doesn’t allow double click, you will not be able to drag-click. To start the test you will need two things a mouse and a piece of tape. Put a small piece of tape on the mouse’s button and drag your finger to the mouse area. 

Besides tape, you can also use water to drag click. It will also help you to drag your finger with more speed. Now it’s up to you which one you will choose.

In the below YouTube Tutorial, you will learn how to drag click in under 10 minutes:


Moreover, you can share your final results with your friends and challenge them. Let’s see who can make the highest score. Also, you can check the auto key presser which is available for free on our website.

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