eDPI Calculator – Fortnite, CS:GO, Valorant eDPI calculator

The eDPI stands for “Effective Dots Per Inch” and is defined as real mouse sensitivity based on the DPI and the sensitivity. In other words, the eDPI calculator is used to measure the effective sensitivity of a player regardless of the hardware or software settings like your screen size or resolution.

As we are quite familiar that gamers like to compare everything including gear, settings, and setup, so with the drawbacks faced due to DPI, gamers rely upon eDPI, also a consistent value is provided to help find out the sensitivity of a player regardless of the DPI of their mouse used.

The ‘Dots Per Inch’, also referred to as DPI is the measurement of the sensitivity of a mouse. The higher eDPI means that your mouse has higher sensitivity and the number of counts/dots/pixels traveled by the cursor will increase when your mouse moves by one inch.

For example, if your dpi is 800, your cursor will move 800 points on your screen with every inch of the mouse’s movement.

Formula to Calculate eDPI:

The formula to calculate eDPI is as simple as that;

 eDPI = Mouse DPI * In-gaming Sensitivity 

This formula is very helpful for the players to calculate their real mouse sensitivity. You can also compare your eDPI with your friends and either can have the same eDPI if you want to. For this, you have to first calculate the eDPI value of your friend which can be done if you are aware of his mouse DPI and in-gaming sensitivity.

Also, you have to set the sensitivity of the type of game you are currently playing. When you have all the values, you can calculate your eDPI by using the above-mentioned formula and see if you have the same eDPI as your friend. By doing this, you might have the same chances to win as your friend.


 eDPI Calculator for Fortnite: 

The eDPI range is recommended low for Fortnite due to the proficient precision required while aiming and shooting. But still, each player has a different range of playing and, therefore, has different preferences.

According to recent statistics, pro players and streamers commonly prefer an eDPI range between 32 and 82. So, you might want to aim at this target range while using an eDPI calculator. While calculating the eDPI for Fortnite, it should be kept in mind that Fortnite defines its sensitivity in percentage, unlike other games that have their sensitivities measured in decimals.

Moreover, if you want to test the click speed of the mouse you can check the drag click test.

 CSGO eDPI Calculator 

The professional players of CS: GO prefer a very high real mouse sensitivity as compared to the sensitivity preferred by the players of its competitor games. Although eDPI preferred by pro players is low due to precision of aim and avoidance of spray. Therefore, the average eDPI value of CS: GO players is lower than 900. A few professionals still go higher than this value.

You can combine different combinations from the related eDPI calculator and choose the one you are most comfortable with.

 eDpi Calculator Valorant 

Considering the critical precision required for the game and low kill time, the chance to survive becomes limited. So, a lower eDPI is suggested in this case. Pro players suggest keeping your eDPI between 180-400, although the average Valorant pro eDPI is 280. For more settings, you can check this Valorant Pro setting.