How To Clean Razer Mouse Pad – Complete Guide

A dirty mousepad not just looks bad, but can also damage navigation and make your motions less precise. It is therefore critical that you clean your mousepad thoroughly. But, how to clean the Razer mouse pad? There are lots of different ways and suggestions to clean the Razer mousepad.

In this article, we will be going through various steps of cleaning so you can know how to clean the Razer mouse pad that you own!  The razer provides a variety of mouse pads with all of these qualities, including smooth cloth surfaces, RGB lights, rubber bases, and hard and soft mouse mats.

How to clean razer mousepad

However, these surfaces do not prevent mousepads from becoming stained, particularly after prolonged usage. Oil, sweating, meals, etc can shorten the average lifespan of your mousepad. 

Best Way to Clean Razer Plastic and Rubber Mousepad

Best way to clean mousepad

When you’re not a gamer and just use a Razer mousepad for everyday use, plastic and rubber Razer mousepads are good for you. These include the Pro Glide, the Saphex series, Razer Acari, etc.

Cleaning these rubber or polycarbonate mousepads is quite simple. Often, a moist cloth will be adequate to remove any dirt and grease. But, if necessary, you can apply a small bit of liquid soap to speed up the cleaning process.

After that, wipe the surface with a gentle cloth before reusing the mousepad. You should let your mousepad dry overnight or for the day if it has a fabric covering. On the other hand, Non-porous mouse pads can be used practically straightaway.

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Best way to Clean Razer Cloth or Fabric mousepad:

Cloth and fabric mousepads are preferred due to their excellent texture, even though they can be difficult to clean. This is because oil and dust can lodge in the material.

As a result, dust removal becomes more challenging than on non-porous surfaces. Each mousepad in the Razer Goliathus and Strider Range has a soft fabric texture that provides improved accuracy and eases your hand and wrist. So, to clean your Razer mousepad, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Apply water and liquid soap: 

Firstly, bring a suitably sized bowl, or you can use any sink if you need additional area. Rinse the mousepad surface with cold water. While doing so, use a sponge dipped in liquid soap or a light cleanser to wipe off any stains.

Step 2:  Gentle bristle brush for hard stains:

With a bristle brush, try to scrub those difficult stains and spots. You might not want to scrape extra harshly since the mouse pad could be ruined. Also, I won’t suggest you use wire sponges as they can roughen your mousepad surface.

Step 3: Wash it off

Using cold water, thoroughly wash the soap out of the mouse pad. Make extremely sure that there is no foam remaining at the back of the pad or the front. 

Step 4: Drying the mousepad

Once your mousepad is clean from any stains or spots, pat the mousepad with a towel. Also, you can allow it to dry in the air or place it near any fan to remove the remaining dampness. Leave your mousepad for a day or two, so it can fully dry since you wouldn’t want any moisture on your mouse or desktop. 

Best way to clean Razer RGB/Wired Mousepads

When cleaning RGB-powered or wired mouse pads, you have to be extra cautious. If you own a Razer Goliathus Chroma, Razer FireFly V2, or any other RGB mousepad, you shouldn’t let your mousepad go near moisture at all.

Unlike normal rubber or cloth mousepads, cleaning the RGB mousepads with water can expand the water damage. To learn, how to clean the Razer RGB mousepad, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Unplugging to clean RGB mousepad

Remove your RGB mousepad from the socket. Take a bowl of warm water and immerse a microfiber cloth in it. Put a modest quantity of liquid dish detergent. When the cloth is dampened, squeeze it and make sure that no drop of water remains. Make certain that no drop of water comes in contact with your electronics. 

Step 2: Deep clean the mousepad with soapy liquid:

With the help of this soapy moist cloth wipe the mousepad from top to bottom to get rid of grime, dirt, and oil. Although it’s acceptable to wipe the mousepad’s borders, don’t get any water on the electrical unit.

Step 3: Thorough cleaning without soap:

Next, rinse another microfibre cloth, and squeeze it to remove any remaining water. By using this moist cloth remove any soap remnants seen on the mousepad. Redo several times to remove any remaining soap or particles. 

Step 4: Removing the moisture:

Leave your mousepad to dry out completely. The mousepad can be used to play again after a few hours. Reconnect it and get ready to play.

Cleaning your mousepad in the washing machine. Yes or No?

To be particular, yes, you can clean your mousepad in a washing machine if you don’t want to clean it with your hands. A washing machine is a great help for individuals who don’t have time to clean the mouse pad.

However, it isn’t suggested that all types of materials be cleaned in a washing machine. The majority of cloth pads can endure being washed. On the contrary, any mousepads should never be placed in the dryer. The mouse pad will be damaged by the high heat.

The following materials are acceptable for mousepads to be cleaned in the washing machine:

  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Foam
  • Microfiber
  • Acetate
  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane

Necessary Safety Measures:

If you’re going to use a washing machine, there are several things you should keep in mind.

1 Make doubly sure you’re using a light detergent rather than one suited for heavy-duty washing.

2 Adjust the washing machine to cold settings; as previously said, warm water is harmful.

3 Use a gentle cycle in your machine to keep your mousepad protected.

4 Neither bleaching nor chemicals should be used to clean the mousepad. The detergent will do the work effectively.

5 Do not put your mousepad in the dryer for drying. Doesn’t matter if you hand clean your mousepad or use a washing machine, it is important to let the mousepad dry in the air. 

How To Clean Razer Mousepad: Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to clean the mouse pads?

Ans: You should clean your mousepad at least once every year or as it starts becoming dirty. Cleaning your mousepad regularly protects it from being too unsanitary, particularly if you’re using it daily. If you drop anything on the pad, wipe it as soon as possible to avoid spots.

  • Can we clean a customized mousepad in the washing machine?

Ans: It’s crucial to remember that there are several printing procedures for generating a customized mouse pad. Although certain printing methods can withstand being washed, it is advisable to wipe the pad manually to keep your customized design in perfect shape. 

  • Does an unclean mouse pad have an impact on gaming?

Ans: Yes! Particularly when anything gets stuck in the mouse due to your unclean mouse pad. The ball within the oldest tracking roller mouse would grow dirty and often stuck. Also, your mouse won’t be moving as freely as before. This slows down your gameplay and might irritate you.  


To summarize, although Razer mousepads are more expensive, the design and functionality are well justified. Cleaning the Razer mousepad regularly makes it more functional and allows easy tracking of your mouse.

Cleaning the mouse will extend the life of your pad and prevent dirt from accumulating in your workstation. Every cleaning step mentioned in this article will answer your question about how to clean Razer mousepads. 

This article will hopefully help you when you get enough free time to clean Razer mousepads. Trust me, letting your mouse pad gather dirt is a bad idea! With a clean mousepad, you’ll be a lot more effective.

So, that being said, what Razer mousepad do you have? Feel free to share how to clean the Razer mousepad in your unique way. If, there’s any step that I missed, do comment below. Don’t forget to enjoy your gaming!