How to Right Click on Mac & Macbook Pro – Complete Guide

You are a mac user and want to know how to right-click on mac & macbook pro? Follow the following simple steps and start making right clicks on your Apple MacBook now.

If you recently shifted from windows to mac, it would be an issue for you to make a right-click on mac as there is no visible right button available on the Mac trackpad. There are two buttons available in other laptops, but you get to see a button-free trackpad when it comes to mac.

You must be wondering that the trackpad is button-free, then how are you going to make the clicks? Keep in mind that the buttons are there, but they are not apparent. Some users think there is no button available there, and they buy an external mouse for making clicks. You can also use that because you don’t need to make any effort as mac recognize the right click on the mouse.

It’s super easy to enable the right click on your device. There are a few simple steps that you need to follow. Follow the below steps to learn how to Right Click on Mac & Macbook Pro

 4 Different Methods to enable Right Click on Mac 

There different ways to enable the right click on mac. But I’ve mentioned the best 4 simple ways to enable it on your device. Obviously, you can follow any method.

1- Enable Right Click using Control Button

2- Enable Click with the help of Trackpad

3- Enable Right Click with help of Apple Mouse

4- Enable using Force Touch Trackpad 

1- Control Button Method 

This method is so far the best and the easiest method to enable the right click on your mac book. For this method, you need to press the control button available on your keyword while you make the click using your trackpad.

How to Right Click on Mac & Macbook Pro

Users need to press the control button and the trackpad at the same time. After clicking the trackpad you should release the control button.

2- Right Click using Apple Magic Mouse

Many users prefer to use the trackpad but some of the users are not comfortable with the track and they go for the apple mouse.  They choose the mouse over the trackpad because they consider the mouse more convenient and easy to use.

Surprisingly there are no buttons on the apple magic mouse. It’s impossible to right-click without the configuration settings. Follow the below simple steps to enable the right click on your apple magic mouse.

1- Go to the Apple menu

2- You should click on the system preferences.

3- Now click the “Mouse”

4- After clicking on the mouse icon you will see the “Secondary Click” option

secondary click option

5- Now select the “Click on the right side” option to enable the right click on your mouse.

Tip: You can also increase the speed of pointer from the settings.

3- Right Click using Trackpad 

We already discussed the two methods now it’s time to discuss the third method. Undoubtedly this method is the easiest one. You can make the right click with your trackpad easily. But unfortunately, most users are not aware of this.

You just have to enable the secondary click from your settings. After that, you can easily make the right clicks. Follow the below steps to enable it.

1- First go to the System preferences.

2- Then click on the trackpad option.

3- After that click on the “Point and select” section

4- Now find the “secondary click option” and enable it.

How to Right Click on Mac & Macbook Pro

5- And select the “click with two fingers” option and exit the system preferences.

Tip: You can select the “Click in bottom left corner” option if you are left handed.

4- Right Click using Force Trackpad ( Works only in New Macbooks)

If you own the latest model mac book then this method can work for you. All the latest models of mac come with the functionality of the force trackpad. If a user forcefully pressed the trackpad for a long time the right click will be enabled as a result.

Do the following steps and use the force trackpad for right-click.

1- Firstly go to the system menu.

2- Now hit on the system preferences option.

3- Select the trackpad option.

4- Now choose the “point and click section”

5- Enable the “Force Click and haptic feedback” option and exit the system preferences.

How to Right Click on Mac & Macbook Pro

In the below YouTube Video you will get complete instructions on how to right click on a Mac.


All the methods are super easy you can use any of them which suits you the best. If you are new to mac then in the beginning it’s difficult to use a mac. But with the passage of time, you can easily understand it.

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