Jitter Click Test – Clicking Speed Tester


The jitter click test is the most advanced technique used by gamers around the world to click faster. It is considered the most difficult and hard test. In the jitter test, you need to put all of your efforts to get the maximum clicks.

The demand for click speed test is increasing day by day. In many online games such as Minecraft and Pubg, you have to click faster to beat your competitor. That’s why gamers try these tests continuously. However, they know the importance of these tests.

how to jitter click

 How to Jitter Click? 

There are some steps that you need to follow to start jitter clicking.

1- First, you should buy a simple gaming mouse. If you already have it, then it’s good.

2- Strain your hand basically; your hand should vibrate while making clicks.

3- Remember one thing your hand should not be flat on the surface.

4- Curved your hand, but remember, don’t cover your mouse with your hand.

5- Produce vibration through your forearm muscles or wrist.

6- Stiff your wrist so that vibration will transfer to your fingers.

7- Once your fingers start producing vibrations, you can make unlimited clicks with your mouse.

How to jitter click and aim

In this YouTube Video, you will learn how to jitter click and aim:

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Is jitter clicking dangerous?

Yes, jitter click can be dangerous. You know that you are putting extra effort into practicing the particular techniques. The chance of risk also increases. Putting extra strain on your wrist; can be risky.

Now the question arises here how to avoid any physical injury? The answer is straightforward; don’t try this technique for a long time. Try the on and off technique. Give your body rest after trying this technique.

Many players say that it can cause Carpal tunneling, but there is no conclusive evidence of it. But you should follow the precautions.

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How is the Jitter Click Test different from other techniques?

Now another question arises here how is it different from the other techniques? Well, in other modes, you make clicks without any effort. While on the other hand, in this technique, you have to stiff your wrist to transfer vibrations.

It requires more force compared to the other modes. However, other modes got one benefit that no one talks about the injury while practicing those techniques. We have never heard of any injury while playing normal modes.

Alternative of Jitter Click

Although jitter clicking is a great way to check the cps. But due to physical issues, it is not recommended to try it repeatedly. There are many other tests available on our website you should give them a try also. 

Butterfly clicking is the best alternative to jitter. In this technique, you have to hit the same mouse button alternatively with two fingers. In this way, you produce double clicks as compared to regular clicking. The best thing about this test is that it is injury-free. You can enjoy it without any risk of physical injury. 


In this mouse jitter test, have 5 seconds to make clicks. If you are using a computer, then you can easily try this technique with your mouse. But if you are using a laptop, you can use your touchpad or attach an extra mouse to try it.

After completing the test, you can share our website with your friends and beat them also. Always remember one thing that you should not try these techniques frequently. Give yourself a reset after trying this technique and then try again.

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