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Some of the buttons of your keyboard are not working properly? Instead of giving the keyboard to a repair shop or buying a new one first, you should find out the problem with your current keyboard. Use this keyboard tester online and find out easily which button is not working properly.

As you know, without a keyboard, it’s impossible to do the work whether you are a coder, writer, or gamer. Even if a single button is not working properly, it irritates you the most. We have made this keyboard tester to solve your all problems related to the keyboard. 

No matter if you are a MAC or Windows user. It is compatible with both systems; even it works for mobile phones as well. 

Take Keyboard Test Online to Check Different Keys /Buttons

The best thing about this test is that you can check the keyboard keys step by step. Let’s find out how it helps you to solve the problems

 Check Enter Key:   No doubt enter key is the most used button in keyboard. Whenever we have to send any message or search the google query, we hit the enter button. Sometimes I face problems while pressing the enter key. Take this test and check if the enter key is working properly or not.

 Check Spacebar Key:   Doesn’t matter if you are gamer or a writer, you need the spacebar key the most. In many games, the spacebar is used for jumping and shooting. Even if you are a normal user, you have to use the spacebar key after writing a single word. Due to its excessive use, it can stop working. Take this test and find out if it is working fine.

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 Check Shift Key:   There are two shift keys available on the keyboard. While typing, sometimes you used the left key, and sometimes you use the right one. Although it is not the most used key, it can still stop working. With our test, you can check if both keys are working or not.

 Check ESC Key:   ESC key is use to close any window. While playing the games, when you have to exit, the full-screen ESC key helps. Although it does not trouble too much still, you can check if it is working properly or not. 

 Check MAC Keyboard:   The best part of this tester is that it is compatible with all devices. If you are a MAC user and want to test your MAC keyboard, you can easily do that. 

keyboard test online

How to Start Keyboard Tester Online 

Here are a few steps to start this keyboard test.

1- Go to our website and open the keyboard tester.

2- Once you open it, a virtual keyboard will appear on the screen.

3- There will be a small box above the virtual keyboard.

4- To start the test, click on the box with the help of a mouse.

5- After that, hit any key on the keyboard. As you hit the key, the color of that key will turn orange.

6- As you lift your finger from the key the color will change into the green.

7- If the green color will appear, it means that the key is working perfectly. 

8- Incase if the color will not change after hitting the key. Then surely there is something wrong with that key. 

Our virtual keyboard is the standard one; it consists of alphabet keys, number keys, and Numpad. It does not matter if you have a standard keyboard numeric one or a wireless keyboard. Our tester works with all types of keyboards.  


How can I test my keyboard?

Use our tester and check your keyboard now. The best thing about this tester is that it is completely free and anyone can use it without paying any money.

How can I tell if my Alt key is working?

Take our test and find out if your Alt key is working properly or not. There are two alt keys available on the keyboard; make sure to test both of them. If both are not working, you should give go to the nearest repair shop.


I hope our tester has solved your problem. If you still face any issue or problem you can let us in the comment section. Moreover, our website offers a different test like the spacebar test; you can check that also. 

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