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Before starting the test, you should know what the Kohi click test is. The Kohi click test is the game to calculate your clicking speed. It determines your mouse hitting speed and gives you the ratio of clicks per second or cps.

You might be thinking that it is the same as the other clicking modes.  It is the same, but the only difference is that it was first featured on the Minecraft games server. In PvP game modes, players use it to click harder to win the game.

Later Minecraft removed the Kohi server and merged it with Badlion. However, the gaming community was not happy with the decision and even started a petition named Bring Back Kohi. Gamers stated that it was a great place to have fun and chill with friends.

Do you know the Kohi click test world record is 12.9 CPS?

Steps to Start the Kohi Click Test

To start the Kohi Click test, you have to follow these simple steps. It’s effortless to try this test. All you need is focus and energy to hit the mouse as fast as you can. 

1- Click on the start button available above in the white box. 

2- The clock will start immediately after the first click. Try to click as fast as you can. 

3- The score and timer counter will also start ticking immediately. 

4- You will have 10 seconds to complete this game. The final result will be shown after ten seconds. 

5- After 10 seconds, it will show your cps and rank. CPS depends on the number of clicks you made and the total time. 

kohi click test

Why is Kohi Click Test Important?

These types of mouse speed tests are essential for gamers. If a player can hit the mouse with high speed, then it is obvious that he’s a good gamer and can compete with his enemies much better. That’s the reason why gamers are concerned about their hitting ability.

In many games like Minecraft, pubg, etc., players have to hit the mouse faster than the opponent to win the game. Only practicing these tests can make you a better gamer and can make you a game-winner. If you are a new gamer and want to beat your competitors, these clicking modes are recommended for you.

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 Use of Auto Clickers  

Auto ClickerThere is a lot of auto clicker software on the internet. You can easily download them on your PC or laptop. It’s effortless to download and install them. You can compete with your competitors with more power and force.

By using auto clickers, you can make hundreds of clicks per second. But you know cheating is cheating. It will never give you comfort. We will never recommend these kinds of techniques to improve clicking skills. It’s better to improve your clicking skills naturally.

The alternative to the Kohi Click Test 

If you don’t want to play the Kohi CPS test, we have many other amazing click tests like click counter. We have a diverse variety of tests with different testing times. In some modes, you have one second, and in some other modes, you have up to one minute to practice.

In this mode, you have 10 seconds to measure your cps. After ten seconds, you will be presented with the score you got. After completing the test, you can share our website with your friends and share it on various social media platforms.

The FASTEST Clicking Method

Watch the YouTube Tutorial to find out the fastest clicking method.

 Frequently Asked Questions  

1- What is the Fastest CPS in kohi? 

The highest CPS in kohi is 12.9. It’s not too high; even with a little effort, you can achieve this. You have to stay focused and put in all your effort. If you don’t accomplish it at first, try to retake the test.

2- How do you click kohi? 

It’s really easy to start clicking kohi, click on the white box available above, and start making mouse clicks in that box. This is how you click kohi. 

3- What is a kohi click test?

It is the test to check your mouse click speed and the number of clicks you make per second. Most Minecraft players use this test to check their mouse-hitting speed. 

4- What is a kohi?

Now, you might be thinking what Kohi is. Kohi is the Minecraft game server that was famous for its hardcore fiction games. 

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