Minecraft Auto Clicker [NO BAN] – Download Latest Version

Want to automate the clicks in Minecraft? Download the Minecraft Auto Clicker and make unlimited clicks for mining, and PvP battles. This auto clicker is 100% easy to use as we tested them. It is compatible with both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition.

Click the download button and download it on your laptop or computer. 

We have found OP auto clicker as the best and safest auto clicker for Minecraft. You can use any auto-clicking software for Minecraft as there are many software available on the internet. Just make sure it is safe and virus or malware-free. Also, remember not every auto clicker works with Minecraft

 Guide to Using The Minecraft Auto Click Download  

Download, install and the settings of the auto clicker are simple. However one should have the proper guidance before using any software. 

1- First download it using the download button given above.

2- After downloading, install it on your laptop or Desktop. 

3- Then open it and you will see the setting interface. 

4- There will be different settings, you have to set the click interval (the rate at which the clicks will repeat). 

5- After that under click options you can select the mouse button either left, right, or middle. 

6- You can also set the click type to either single or double clicks. The default is set to single. 

7- Under the cursor position section you can select either the current location or pick a location of your own choice. 

8- You can start it using your mouse or using Hotkey. The default hotkey is F6, you can change it too. 

9- Once you do all the settings, press the hotkey and enjoy it!!!

Make sure to read all the instructions given above before using the auto clicker to avoid any issues. If you follow these settings Minecraft will never detect it.

Minecraft Auto Clicker


How do you turn on the auto clicker in Minecraft?

You can turn on the built-in auto-clicker by pressing right-click and then pressing the f3 + T. If you want to use any other auto-clicker, you can turn it on using Hotkey.

Is it safe to use Auto Clicker in Minecraft?

It’s not allowed to use any third-party software in Minecraft so it can be risky to use any sort of auto clickers. But there are some good auto clickers that you can use without getting banned.

What are the benefits of using an auto clicker in Minecraft?

By using auto clicker PvP & 1v1 players can make more clicks per second and beat their opponent more easily.

In the below YouTube Video, you will learn how to use the auto-clicker that comes with Minecraft.
You only need Minecraft; no other programs are required. It is really simple and can be used for fish farms in afk or anything else that requires a right-click!

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