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Minecraft colour codes are used to change the appearance of the game. As the name suggests, it is related colors of the game. Players can change or modify the color of chat, teams,  and the message of the day using these codes. 

There is also a color code format, which is used to change the style of the text. It allows the players to change the style of the text as per their choice. By using formatting codes, players can make the text bold or italic as per their requirements. 

Minecraft Color Codes List 

Here is the list of complete color codes used in the Minecraft game. When players send messages to other players, they can change the text’s color by using these codes. These codes help the player to customize the chat color as per their choice. 

Color Minecraft Name Chat Code MOTD Code Decimal Hexadecimal
Dark Red dark_red §4 \u00A74 11141120 AA0000
Red red §c \u00A7c 16733525 FF5555
Gold gold §6 \u00A76 16755200 FFAA00
Yellow yellow §e \u00A7e 16777045 FFFF55
Dark Green dark_green §2 \u00A72 43520 00AA00
Green green §a \u00A7a 5635925 55FF55
Aqua aqua §b \u00A7b 5636095 55FFFF
Dark Aqua dark_aqua §3 \u00A73 43690 00AAAA
Dark Blue dark_blue §1 \u00A71 170 0000AA
Blue blue §9 \u00A79 5592575 5555FF
Light Purple light_purple §d \u00A7d 16733695 FF55FF
Dark Purple dark_purple §5 \u00A75 11141290 AA00AA
White white §f \u00A7f 16777215 16777215
Gray gray §7 \u00A77 11184810 AAAAAA
Dark Gray dark_gray §8 \u00A78 5592405 555555
Blackblack §0 \u00A70 0 000000

As you can see that there are five different sections in the table. The first option is the name of the color in Minecraft. After the name of the color, you can see the chat codes. It is used to change the color of chat in Minecraft. 

Next, you will see the MOTD code. This code is used to change the color of the Message of the day. After that, you will find the decimal and hexadecimal value for the color in Minecraft. 

Now you may be confused to see the different codes for the same color. Also, the same color has different decimal and hexadecimal codes—no need to worry. I’m gonna guide you completely. Let’s find out.  

How to Change Minecraft Text Color 

 Changing the Color of Chat Text:  To change the color of chat text you will have to use the chat code. Minecraft chat code consists of section sign§ and hexadecimal. 

For instance, you want to send BYE to your friend in a dark blue color. Type “§1BYE” without quotation mark, and you will see the magic. 

As you know, you can’t paste text in Minecraft chat. Now the question arises here how to type the section sign §? Follow the following instructions and type the section sign § easily. 

For MAC users: Press the ⌥ Option+6. 

For Windows users:  Alt+NUMPAD2 NUMPAD1 or Alt +NUMPAD0 NUMOAD1 NUMPAD6 NUMPAD7.

Linux: Compose + S + O.

minecraft color codes

Minecraft Formatting Code List 

For changing the style of the text, these Minecraft formatting code lists are used.  It helps to make the text more stylish, bold, or italic. Formatting code list table is given below.

Description Chat Code MOTD Code
Bold §l \u00A7l
Strikethrough §m \u00A7m
Underline §n \u00A7n
Italic §o \u00A7o
Reset to default color §r \u00A7r

As you can see, there are four different format codes available to stylish the text. You can use these codes in chat text and the Message of the Day (MOTD).  Using these codes is almost the same as of the color codes Minecraft. Let’s find out how to use these codes.

Suppose you want to send “Hello” in the chat in bold style. Type the section sign §lHello and see the magic.

Minecraft Color Code Generator & Tester

Minecraft color codes generator is the free tool available to help players create the color text with one click. Also, if players want to test the color without sending in the chatbox, it can be used for that purpose. If you don’t know how to use the colour generator, you can read the following guide.

How to Use Minecraft Colors Code Generator

Using the tool is not that difficult. It has a straightforward and clean interface. It has two sections one contains the color codes and other one format codes. 

Below you can see the two boxes one box is used to write the text, and the other one previews the text. First, choose the desired color by clicking on the code and then choosing the format code. 

After that, start writing the text in the box. You will immediately see the preview of the text in the second box. You can copy the generated text and use the text in Minecraft.  

Moreover, you can also change the background color of the preview text. 

How to Edit server.properties and pack.mcmeta

If you have your own Minecraft server and want to set the MOTD, you must use the following code. Please select the color code from the table and use it in server.properties. 

Code Official Name MOTD code
§0Black \u00A70
§1Dark Blue \u00A71
§2Dark Green \u00A72
§3 Dark Aqua \u00A73
§4Dark Red \u00A74
§5 Dark Purple \u00A75
§6 Gold \u00A76
§7 Gray \u00A76
§8 Dark Gray \u00A78
§9Blue \u00A79
§a Green\u00A7a
§b Aqua \u00A7b
§c Red \u00A7c
§dLight Purple \u00A7d
§e Yellow \u00A7e
§f White \u00A7f
§k Obfuscated \u00A7k
§l Bold \u00A7l
§m Strikethrough \u00A7m
§n Underline \u00A7n
§o Italic \u00A7o
§r Reset \u00A7r
\n Extra line \n

Moreover, you can try to click speed test 15 seconds on our website. Also, you can share these Minecraft codes with your friends. If you face any issue, comment on our post. 

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