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Mouse accuracy test is a free online game to check your mouse accuracy. You can improve your mouse accuracy and mouse-clicking speed by playing this game. It improves your accuracy, speed, and action time. Even if you are new to gaming you can try this test. 

We made this game very easy and simple. When you start the game the bubble will show on the screen, you have to hit on each bubble to get a high score. This game not only helps you to improve your accuracy but also your efficiency. 

 Benefits of High Accuracy  

You may be thinking about why there is a need to improve accuracy. There are a lot of online FPS games in which you need to aim perfectly to win the game. This game helps you to aim perfectly so you can compete with your competitors easily. 

Every pro gamer has a high accuracy rate that’s why they can beat anyone easily. They keep practicing this game to maintain their accuracy rate. Everyone can try this game and can improve their accuracy. 

 Steps to Start the Mouse Accuracy Test  

It’s really easy to start the test but if don’t understand then you can follow the steps given below to start.

1- Go to our website ( and hit the enter button.

2- Now search the mouse accuracy game page and open it.

3- After opening it you will see the test page. You can make the configuration settings according to your choice.

4-  Now click on the start button to start the test. Immediately the test will start.

5- As the game starts different bubbles will start showing on your screen.

6- Keep in mind that you should hit your mouse on each bubble before they disappear.

7- As the time will run out the bubbles will start popping. You will see the five-second timer before the end of the game.

8- After that, you will be presented with your final results. 

9- You will be able to see your total score, accuracy & efficiency rate, as well as missed hits. 

10- If you are not satisfied with the results you can click on the “Restart” button to take the test again. 

mouse accuracy test

Setting Different Difficulty Levels on the Mouse Accuracy Test

As we mentioned above anyone can try this game. That’s why we offer four different difficulty levels for this game. We offer easy, medium, hard, and extreme levels.  From beginners to pro-gamer anyone can play it easily. 

As the difficulty level increases the bubbles will disappear faster and you need to hit the bubbles faster. You can choose any difficulty level that suits you. If you are a beginner you should go with the easy level.

Selecting the Size of the Target 

Target size is also related to difficulty levels. Every time you start the game different bubbles (target) will pop up on the screen. You can select four different target sizes; tiny, small, medium, and large. Selecting the tiny target size means a high difficulty level.

If you are new to gaming then we would recommend you start with a large target size. As it is easy to hit the large bubble as compared to the tiny one. But if you are a pro gamer then you can play it with a tiny target size. 

Changing the Shape and Color

As we mentioned above anyone can play this game regardless of age group. That’s why we offer different target colors; red, pink, yellow, blue, white, and green color. Players can select the color that suits them best.

As you know target is the main thing in this game. You should select the color that will keep your complete focus on the game. By default, red color bubbles will pop up. But you can select the color according to your choice.

Different Cursor Styles 

The fourth part of this game is the cursor style. We offer you two cursor styles one is the plus style and the other one is the normal cursor style. Keep in mind that changing the cursor style will not affect your accuracy. Only your skills can get you a high accuracy rate.

Both cursors will behave the same way. But most players prefer to choose the normal cursor style. But we would recommend you play the game with both styles. Then choose which is more comfortable for you. 

Time Period 

The time period is an important factor in this game. Our tester allows you four different time intervals; 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds. You can select the time at which you want to test your accuracy. 

As the time duration increases, the difficulty level will also increase. Because you have to hit the target for a long time and it’s not an easy thing to do. By default, it is set to 15 seconds. We would recommend you first try it in 15 seconds. Then if you get good scores you can change the time to 45 or 60 seconds. 


The sixth and last is a sound option. By default, it is off. Players can turn the sound on if it suits them. Many players love to play the games with background music but some consider it annoying. When you hit the bubble perfectly you will hear a sound. 

If you think the sound decreases your concentration then you should turn it off. The sound will not impact your final results. 

 Final Result of the Mouse Accuracy Test  

After completing the test you will be presented with your final results. There will be different scores and percentages that will show. It will consist of two different parts; score and statistics. Let’s discuss them.

Statistics Section 

The first section consists of different stats. It has three parts. The first part consists of the settings you have chosen before starting the game. It will show the difficulty level, the size of the target, and the time you selected.

The second part contains information about the target. It will show the total number of successful hits you made, the number of hits you missed, and the mouse hit speed. The faster you click the more mouse click speed you will get.

The third and last part shows the information about the clicks. You will see the total number of targets that appear on the screen, the number of clicks you made, and the number of missed hits.

Score Section 

The second section is the score section. It will show information about your performance in the game. The first part of this section shows your score. This score depends on different factors. Our tool calculates the score based on the total number of targets shown, the number of hits you made, the number of hits you missed, and your accuracy. 

The second part shows the efficiency. You may be thinking about what this efficiency is. Here is the formula to calculate the total number of a target you hit successfully/the Number of targets that appears on the screen. For instance, if 50 targets appear on the window and you make 40 successful hits then your efficiency would be 90%

Efficiency over 85% is considered a good rate.

The third and last is the most important section. It shows the accuracy rate. Here is the formula to calculate accuracy: Total number of successful mouse hits you made/total number of times you hit the mouse on the screen.

For example: if you make 20 hits and 16 went successful then 16/20=80; which means your accuracy rate is 80%

The alternative of the Mouse Accuracy Test Game 

Click accuracy game is a good way to improve your accuracy. But there are a lot of other options available on the internet. 

Our website ( offers different tests. We have a variety of different mouse and keyboard games. We have different click speed tests like the Kohi click test and so many others. In these tests, you have to make maximum hits in a specific time interval. You can try these tests with different time intervals; 5 seconds,10 seconds, and even 100 seconds. 

You can increase your mouse and micro accuracy with the help of this video. This video includes all the information you need, from settings to drills and exercises for improvement.


Moreover, you can share our website on different platforms. You can share the results of the mouse accuracy test with your friends and challenge them. If you get a low accuracy rate you should try the game daily. It will surely improve your skills.

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