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Mouse Rate Checker also known as mouse Hz Checker is an online tool to check how many times your mouse sends the data to a computer to which your mouse is connected and measure it in the Hz.

If you are a gamer you must know how important the mouse polling rate is. Let’s take an example if you have just one second to shoot/ hit your competitor but your mouse polling rate is low. Then you might lose the game and your competitor will shoot faster than you.

Nowadays, Gamers prefer a mouse that has a good polling rate that’s why mice companies advertise polling rate as their main feature. Generally, 150, 200, 300, and 1000 Hz are considered good polling rate.

Also, remember one thing the mouse polling rate directly affects your system performance. If your mouse has a high polling rate it will put stress on your system.

REMEMBER: The Higher the polling rate better, the better the mouse is.

Steps to use Mouse Rate Checker Tool 

Although it’s really easy to take the mouse polling rate test, it’s always good to read the guide before using any tool.

To start the mouse rate checker tool the button is available above the tool, as you hit the start button the tool will start showing the polling rate of your mouse in HZ. Above the start button, you will see the average and maximum polling rates. The rate will be in real-time.

After some time hit the stop button and it will stop immediately. Now you can easily check your recorded rates in HZ. If you aren’t satisfied with the measured rate you can restart it easily.

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How to Change the Polling Rate of Branded Mouse

There are two ways to change the polling rate of branded mice. It’s really easy and simple to change the rate of any mouse.

 For Zowie EC2-B – CS: GO Edition Mouse:  If you have a mouse-like Zowie EC2-B – CS: GO Edition, then it’s really easy to change the polling rate.

 For other brands:  If you have a dell, Logitech, razer, or Corsair mouse then you have to download the app from the manufacturer’s website and you will be able to configure your mouse through the app. From the app, you can change the DPI of your mouse too.

In the below YouTube Video, you will learn how to change Razer Mouse Polling Rate

How to Change the Polling rate of Non-Branded Mouse

If you have a non-branded or local mouse then first check whether your mouse supports the high polling rate or not. If it supports then download the file given below and follow the steps given below. 

1- Download the win10 ver1909.rar file first and extract its files. 

2- In the folder, you will get the mouse rate checker application and readme file.

3- Follow the instructions available in the readme file and change your mouse polling rate easily. 

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