Scroll Speed Test – Clicking Speed Tester

Want to check how fast you can scroll your mouse wheel? Here we can easily test it with our scroll speed test tool. Many gamers are required to scroll their wheel fast to beat their competitor. It’s the perfect opportunity for them. They can practice more and can improve their scrolling speed.

The scroll wheel is one of the important things on the mouse. It gives you a lot of benefits while you are viewing any document or page. You can easily scroll up or down the document with your scroll wheel.

What is the scroll speed test?

The scroll wheel test is the tool or game that measures your scrolling speed in pixels. It tells you how fast you scroll up and down.

When you buy a new mouse, sometimes it is not that efficient; you have to put all of your effort into rolling it to the document’s end. To improve your new mouse efficiency, you can use this test and can improve it easily. In most cases, the new mouse’s efficiency is amazing, and you can easily reach the end of the document.

scroll speed test

How to start the mouse scroll test?

You might be thinking that you don’t need to have instructions to start this test. Well, that’s true, but we have written some simple steps for you that can enhance your experience of using it.

1- Go to our website and search “mouse scroll test.”

2- You will get to see a lot of posts; you should go with the first one.

3- Then after opening the post, you will see the box.

4- You have to put your pointer in the box, and you can start it.

5- The best thing about it is that it does not have any time limit.

6- As you scroll your mouse up or down, you will see your score in pixels per second.

7- When you stop scrolling it, you will see your highest score.

8- If you don’t get a high score on the first attempt, then you can restart the test.

After the test, you can also share our website with your friends. Also, some people try this just for fun to release their stress, you can also play it for fun and entertainment. 

How to change Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10

If you need to change your Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10 then the below YouTube Video will be helpful.


I hope you would have enjoyed playing this game. The best thing about this online test is that it is completely free, and you don’t have to log in or anything.

If you want you can try other mouse tests like the butterfly click test and other 5-second or 10-second tests. Moreover, you can share the website with your friends for entertainment and fun purposes.

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