Spacebar Speed Test [UPDATED] – Online Spacebar Clicker

Want to check how fast you can hit the spacebar? Check our spacebar speed test and find out how many times you can hit your spacebar in one second. 

Spacebar Speed Test
I wonder how fast I can hit the spacebar!!!

While typing the spacebar is the most used key. Even in most shooting and jumping games, you need to hit your spacebar key to jump or shoot. That’s why your spacebar speed should be fast.

In this spacebar speed test, you get to know how many times you have hit the spacebar in a given timeframe.

Working of Spacebar Test 

This game is straightforward to play. Everyone can take the test without any special guide. Still, some users need guidance before starting the test. Let’s find out how it works.

1- First, open any browser and type our website (, and hit enter.

2- Once you will land on our website, search and open the space bar clicker page. 

3- As you open the page, you will see the green color “Start” button on your screen.

4- Remember one thing this is a time-based test. You can select the time of your own choice. 

5- Now, hit on the start button with your mouse’s help to begin the test.

6- As you will hit the start button, the timer will start immediately.

7-  Your goal should be to hit the spacebar as often as possible.

8- As the time will run out, you will be presented with the final results.

9- The final result will show the number of times you hit the spacebar and the speed at which you hit it.

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Normally, most users can hit the spacebar 80 times in 10 seconds. However, professional gamers can hit it above 80 times. If you are not satisfied with your hitting speed, you can restart the test by clicking the reset button.


Benefits of Spacebar Speed Test 

Let’s discuss the benefits of this spacebar counter. 

 Improve Typing Speed 


As you know, while typing, the spacebar is the most important key. It’s essential to have a good spacebar hitting speed. Without it, your typing speed cannot be that good. This tester helps you to speed up your space key-hitting ability.

 Perform Better in Games 

Many users take this test to perform better in games. In most games, the space key is used to perform tasks like jumping, shooting, unmuting, etc. The faster you can hit the space key, the more chance of winning the game will be. This tester helps the players to make high scores.

The alternative of Spacebar Counter 

Not just our website that is offering this test. There are many other platforms available on the internet that allow you to count your space hits. We’ve mentioned some of them here.

 Tynker:  It is the best platform available on the internet for children to learn to make games without coding. Users make the games as per their interests. A user has made the space bar counter using this website. You can check that also. It allows you to tap the space key without any time limitation.

 10fastfingers:  This website is usually used to test the typing speed. It also offers the space key tap test, which helps to improve typing speed. Before starting the test, you must select the text of your choice. As the test starts, you will have to write the given text along with the spacebar tapping. This is how it tests the speed.

 Zimm-co:  This is another website that allows the user to take the test in three different periods. You can play it with 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 20 seconds time limits. It is the most entertaining test as it displays the final results with little fun. You will enjoy playing it.

 Sporcle:   This is the website where you can take different challenges. It also offers the spacebar challenge. The challenge will be to hit the spacebar 300 times in one minute. If you can make 300 hits in one minute, you will win the challenge. 

Different Time Options

The best thing about this game is that you have different time options. There are 5 different periods i.e. 5, 10, 20, 30, and 60 seconds. If you are a beginner you should choose 5 seconds, then go for high time. 


I hope you would enjoy attempting the spacebar test. If you face any problems while attempting it, you can share them with us. Moreover, you can try other tests on our website like aim trainer, etc. Also, if your laptop spacebar is not working you can confirm it through this test.