What Gaming Mouse Do the Pros Use?

Ever wondered what gaming mouse do the pros use for high-intensity top-level gaming? They certainly cannot rely on simple mice with basic functions.

Gaming mice give eSports gamers an advantage in terms of sensitivity, precision, and enhanced controls. These mice may not seem very different to the uninitiated, but to the pros, they are weapons that destroy gaming opponents.

What Gaming Mouse Do the Pros Use?

To understand which gaming mouse pros prefer and why, you need to know certain features, qualities, and functions of gaming mice in detail.

What Is a Gaming Mouse?

What Is a Gaming Mouse?

Aptly named, a gaming mouse is specifically designed for gamers who want more precision and customization of mouse controls.

Depending on a player’s preferences, a gaming mouse can provide various features that a standard mouse cannot. Although you can use a regular mouse to play a video game and vice versa, a gaming mouse enhances the gaming experience.

Gaming Mouse Vs. Normal Mouse

A gaming mouse does not help you play better unless you’re already adept at your gameplay. However, it does give you an edge in performance against a normal mouse.

It provides extra options that come in handy at high-intensity pressure games where even a slight mistake can cost you a match.

Let’s look at some of the key differences between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse. These differences will help you understand if you need a gaming mouse or not.


A simple computer mouse usually has three or four buttons, with the simplest designs only having two buttons, each for right and left click.

On the other hand, a gaming mouse might have up to ten buttons, each serving a different purpose. These extra buttons allow you to keep your hand in a resting place and do all the work with the clicks.

Buttons are also easy to map out, so you can reach them at a much enhanced speed than you’d otherwise get with two buttons.


A gaming mouse has a low latency as compared to a normal mouse. In simple terms, these mice have a faster response rate.

When you’re playing in multiplayer settings, fast reflexes mean life or death. That’s why a gaming mouse has low latency and a high response rate to your clicks.

Programmable Features

Gaming mice are programmable, while normal mice have pre-programmed buttons that you cannot customize. These gaming mice also come with an app or software that enables you to set each button according to your gameplay preferences and requirements.

If you don’t need any of these buttons, you can disable them, so they don’t hinder your gameplay or make wrong moves.


You might have noticed that professional players, especially frequent YouTube streamers, have a gaming studio built around a specific theme. These players like to have a refined outlook and love aesthetic gaming mice.

That’s why you can find great designs in the market.

A simple mouse usually has a black or white color, without too much emphasis on its outlook. On the other hand, a gaming mouse comes in many shapes and colors and contains flashing lights that attract viewers.


A gaming mouse is more sensitive than a normal mouse and moves faster on the screen.

The sensitivity of a mouse is a double-edged sword that many amateur players cannot handle, so they keep it low. However, for eSports, sensitivity is a crucial aspect that makes a gaming mouse a necessity.


Gaming mice are more precise than normal mice. They have sharp settings that allow a player to select objects with high precision.


A normal mouse does not cost you much money, especially when buying a wired one. It has limited features and thus comes at a lower price.

Gaming mice are durable, have extra functions, and have beautiful designs, and features that cost you extra bucks but are worth the investment.

How to Select a Gaming Mouse?

How to Select a Gaming Mouse

If you’ve finally decided that you need a gaming mouse, you can’t simply pick any item that catches your attention.

When you want the best of the best mice for high-intensity gaming, you cannot compromise on certain features. These qualities make a gaming mouse worth your money, so you should know how to select a gaming mouse.

Consider the following factors and priorities before you purchase your new gaming mouse:

1. Game and Playing Style

Knowing which game you want to play with your new mouse is essential. For example, if you’re an RTS or MMO player, you’ll need those extra buttons on the mouse.

Plus, the buttons should be programmable so that you can assign them functions according to your style and playing technique.

On the contrary, you’ll need a mouse with more accuracy and low latency if you’re playing FPS games. More buttons won’t help you there.

2. Sensor Type

Two basic sensor types compete in the gaming market: the laser sensor and the optical sensor. The opinion is divided on both sensors, with different players opting for one or the other sensor type.

Both types of mice have CMOS sensors that detect light, but the way light enters the mouse is different.

Gamers usually prefer the optical mouse because the laser mouse exhibits lag and acceleration, making it less accurate. Also, a laser mouse is more expensive than an optical mouse, impacting your decision-making process.

3. Wired or Cordless

Wired or Cordless Gaming Mouse

The first thing that comes to mind is that a wired mouse must be better because it transfers instructions much faster than a cordless mouse. While it’s true to some extent, current wireless mouse technology has caught up to the wired mice’s signal speed.

Wired mice also do not require batteries or charging, so their management is easier than wireless mice. Plus, they are less expensive than wireless mice and are a one-time expense, so they are a better option for gamers.

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4. DPI and CPI

DPI, or Dots Per Inch, is the number of pixels the screen cursor covers relative to per inch of mouse movement on the pad.

The larger the screen size, the more DPI you’ll need to cover the entire display. That’s because you cannot move the mouse too much on the table.

Also, for pro gamers, DPI is a measure of the speed with which they can move the cursor to target the required point on the screen.

CPI, or Counts Per Inch, is the mouse sensor camera resolution that captures the light and transfers it to the cursor.

Both CPI and DPI are important when you’re buying a new gaming mouse and depend on your gaming experience and speed preferences.

5. Weight

Some mice are elegant with special shapes and designs but are heavy and become a liability during marathon gaming. That’s why the weight of the mouse is so important.

You might want to compromise some aesthetics when you’re about to buy a mouse for a gaming competition.

6. Grip

The grip is important for high-speed gaming, where you hold the mouse for hours.

The grip on the mouse depends on its shape and size. Most gamers use traditional mice with palm, fingertip, or claw grip. However, vertical mice are also great if you want a joystick experience.

7. Customization

Traditional mice had only two buttons with a scroll wheel.

Modern gaming is more advanced and complex to rely on those simple controls. That’s why most gaming mice have four to ten buttons that you can program according to your gaming needs.

When buying a mouse, make sure it’s programmable and has multiple options for each button.

8. Comfortable Design

The mouse’s weight, size, and shape decide how comfortable it’ll be in your hands. When you have a mouse of inadequate size, you won’t be able to play games for a more extended period.

Also, if your hand does not hold the mouse with a perfect grip, your gaming experience will suffer.

9. Durability

Last but not least is mouse durability. A gaming mouse costs you a good amount of money, so it should be dependable for a long time.

You don’t want a mouse that breaks down in the middle of a game, costing you an important game.

What Gaming Mouse Do the Pros Use?

If you want to follow your favorite gaming player and wonder what gaming mouse do the pros use, this section is for you.

We’ll tell you about the best players and the mice they depend on for high performance and reliable output.

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1. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Alexander Kostylev, aka s1mple, is a pro player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and is the most vital team member of Natus Vincere. He is one of the best pro eSports players in the world and was ranked number one by the HLTV website.

His gaming mouse is Logitech G Pro X Superlight, a wireless mouse with eight buttons and weighs only 63 grams.

2. SicK–Logitech G900

SicK–Logitech G900

Hunter “SicK” Mims has retired from Counter Strike Global Offensive. He also isn’t playing Valorant and has joined The Sentinels team.

His choice is Logitech G900 which might be expensive for some players but offers value for the money. This specific mouse has an adjustable DPI range from 200 to 12000, which is incredible. It’s available in both wireless and wired options.

While it’s a bit heavier, the Logitech G900 mouse has advanced functionality and high accuracy that make it a worthwhile option.

3. Faker–Razer DeathAdder Elite

Faker–Razer DeathAdder Elite

Lee Sang-hyeok, aka Faker, is one of the best eSports players in the world. His team, T1, is one of the top contenders in the League of Nations and has numerous awards.

Faker’s presence in the team is pivotal, which is why he does not settle on a subpar gaming mouse.

His choice is a Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse with seven reprogrammable buttons and a 16,000 DPI optical sensor. The mouse is a wired one and has high precision and extremely low latency.

4. N0tail–SteelSeries Prime

N0tail–SteelSeries Prime

Johan Sundstein, better known as N0tail, is a Dota 2 pro player and won the 2018 and 2019 biggest competition, The International, with the team OG. Although he’s inactive now, he was the coach of the same team and won 2022 in ESL One Stockholm 2022 tournament.

His weapon of choice when it comes to gaming mice is SteelSeries Prime, which is an ultra-lightweight wired mouse. It contains five programmable buttons and reaches up to 18,000 CPI.

5. Bugha–Air58 Ninja CBB Edition

Bugha–Air58 Ninja CBB Edition

Kyle Giersdorf–Bugha is an elite eSports pro with many titles under his belt. He became a legend in Fortnite in 2019 by winning the solo category at the Fortnite World Cup at just 16 years of age.

He uses an exclusive and expensive Air58 Ninja CBB Edition by FinalMouse with a small size and ultra-lightweight design.

Although Bugha had success using this mouse, many other players don’t consider it the best option.

6. Dream–Razer DeathAdder V2

Dream–Razer DeathAdder V2

You must have come across Dream’s YouTube streaming as he has more than 30 million followers on YouTube. He’s famous for playing Minecraft, and his videos get millions of views across different social media platforms.

He uses the Razer DeathAdder V2 mouse for his adventures in the Minecraft game. The mouse has eight programmable buttons and only weighs 82 grams.

With a 20,000 DPI sensor, the Razer DeathAdder V2 is an excellent fit for pro gamers and streamers who want an ultimate experience.

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Is a Gaming Mouse Worth It?

Yes, a gaming mouse is worth its price, but certain conditions exist, and you need to keep them in mind.

Firstly, you should be a top-level gamer to reap the full benefits of these mice. Secondly, you should know how to use all the buttons, customization controls, and precision movements.

Finally, you should be adept enough to handle high DPI and CPI. Once the number crosses 1500, only a pro can take advantage of it, while a novice will do more harm to themself than others.

In short, a gaming mouse is a wonderful investment as long as you know how to fully take advantage of its enhanced functionality.