What Is Butterfly Clicking?

For Minecraft and various MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, clicking faster than your opponents provides significant advantages. Gaming mice may make it easier to click faster, but that won’t be enough if you compete against players with tremendous clicking skills. It is important to know what is butterfly clicking and how it can help you beat those players.

This is where the butterfly click comes in, as it is an effective way to boost your click rate. What is butterfly clicking, and how does it work? We’ll answer that and more by discussing some relevant subjects about this relatively new method of clicking.

What Is Butterfly Clicking?

What Is Butterfly Clicking?

Butterfly clicking refers to reaching the maximum number of clicks in a given timeframe by tapping the button with two fingers alternately. It is mainly associated with CPS (Click-Per-Second) games, where the main objective is to get the highest click score.

Outside of gaming, there is essentially no other practical use for butterfly clicking.

Performing Butterfly Clicking


Knowing the answer to “what is butterfly clicking” won’t be enough for you to master it. Like typing and most skills, being good at butterfly clicking is mostly achievable by constant practice.

The more you hone it, the more proficient you become. The essence of butterfly clicking is to click the mouse fast with two fingers to at least double your average CPS rate.

It might appear easy, but it’s not. The trick is to find a particular spot on the mouse button that will register each finger tap as an individual click. You have performed a butterfly click if you managed to trigger the button as much as you hit it with each finger.

From here, it’s all about trial and error. Testing all the possible angles of your mouse can be frustrating, especially if your fingers are experiencing fatigue from all your clicks. After you find the spot, exercise more patience because you’re prone to hit the wrong angle still or screw up your timing.

You may check YouTube videos about the subject if your technique is not working or you’re not sure about where you should click. In the below YouTube Tutorial, you will learn how to butterfly click:

Recommendations on Butterfly Clickingwhat is butterfly clicking

This unnatural way of clicking is not something you can be good at after a couple of practices.

Here are some tips to boost your chances of performing butterfly clicks successfully.

1. Clear your table.

When you’re doing butterfly clicks, we highly recommend clearing your table of obstacles.

It may affect your timing and comfort if your table has some items that could distract your concentration.

2. Do it properly.

While tutorial videos may give some ideas on how to get the best CPS rating, you don’t have to copy all their recommendations. Keep in mind that butterfly clicks are about muscle memory more than anything.

It would be better to stick to the basics and go from there. You may see some who can produce a high CPS rate by clicking with their index finger twice and middle finger once. However, your pattern doesn’t have to be the same.

The alternate clicking may be more challenging, but it won’t wear out quickly because you’re not overworking a finger. Once you get the hang of it, you may even match or surpass the ratings others are getting with irregular patterns.

3. Apply pressure evenly and consistently.

During the first practice sessions, it’s common to commit the mistake of applying more pressure on one finger and less on the other. This is one of the tendencies you need to avoid because it will take a toll on your timing and energy.

You may get tired easily or not follow the pattern consistently if you’re unevenly distributing pressure.

4. Get high-quality equipment.

As implied in the intro, the make of the mouse can impact your ability to perform butterfly clicks. Since you’ll use butterfly clicks primarily for play, you need to get a gaming mouse. It has more features than standard ones, which is advantageous for this method of clicking.

You also have to invest in a decent mouse pad or table that seamlessly accommodates your mouse. You might often overlook stability as one of the critical aspects of doing butterfly clicks consistently. A reliable surface will help move your mouse smoothly while keeping it in place.

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Testing Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly Click Test

Numerous websites offer butterfly click tests.

While there could be differences, the core premise is usually like what you see below:

  1. Click the start button to begin the butterfly click test.
  2. The clock will run for ten seconds while calculating your CPS until the time expires.
  3. You will get a score based on your performance.

Some websites let you challenge your friends and peers by having a share function on social media.

Try Our Free Online Test: Butterfly Click Test

Butterfly Clicking: Games To Play

After a few learning sessions on butterfly clicking, you may try out a couple of these free games for practice.

Grim Clicker

If you’re a fan of the classic Castlevania games, you should check out this idle/clicker game. Fast-paced with some background story is what Grim Clicker is about. You have to click faster to eliminate the obstacles and enemies, which requires accuracy and quick mouse clicking.

Defense Clicker

For Plants vs. Zombies fans, you may find this clicker game engaging. It requires you to perform fast clicking to defend your base properly with various weapons. The game appears to have more text than images, which is not preferable if you’re particular with graphics. However, if you’re aim is to improve your butterfly clicks, it’s worth a look.

Dog Clicker

As a mix between a gacha and clicker game, Dog Clicker is one of the more immersive types due to its multiple tasks and quests. Your role is to take care of the virtual dog by playing with it, providing commands, and other fun activities. Obtaining special, rare dogs is possible if you use gems for gacha rolls.

Time Clickers

With your “click” pistol, you can earn gold, complete levels, and improve your CPS. You can even hire a team of sharpshooters to help you defeat the enemies faster. The arcade style of Time Clickers allows it to be more enjoyable than other clicker games. On top of that, it is available for almost all devices.

Final Thoughts

Doing butterfly clicks is not something all PC gamers need, as not too many games require you to click multiple times in one second. However, if you’re a fan of Minecraft or clicker games, you need a high CPS rating to beat your opponents or accomplish the objectives.

With some practice and determination, you’re one step closer to performing multiple butterfly clicks consistently with ease.

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