Best Auto Clicker – 8 Automatic Clicker Softwares

Are you tired of clicking the mouse a thousand times while playing a game? Here is the solution you can install the best auto clicker to make unlimited clicks for free. As the name auto clicker suggests that it is the software to make automatic clicks. Although it is against the rules of the game it’s fun to play the game with auto-clicking.

Many games such as Minecraft or any other games require high clicking speed. In order to make fast clicks, you need a high level of energy. Auto clickers help you to make more clicks without wasting any energy. There are also different click tests available to improve the mouse hitting ability.

Top 8 Best Auto Clicker

Here is the list of the top 8 automatic clickers. We have reviewed each auto clicker and also mention their features. You can also download them with just one click.

Image Software Feature Download
Top Pick
Free Auto Clicker
Free Download and installation, Clean and Simple Interface, Provide full control to the gamers ,Easy to configure Download
GS Auto Clicker
Recording feature available, Easy to use, Simple Configuration Download
Auto Clicker Typer
Can perform both mouse and keyboard actions, Easy to configure, Free of cost Download
Perfect Automation
Comes with recording, clicking, editor, and scheduler features, Best for pro gamers, Can work for both mouse and keyboard Download
Free Mouse Clicker
Simple Interface, Easy to customize, Perfect for beginners Download
Roblox Auto Clicker
Free Download and Installation, Can work on Andriod and IOS, Easy to configure Download
OP Auto clicker Tool
Hotkey option available, Simple Interface, Easy to configure Download
MAC Auto Clicker
Best for MAC users, Easy to configuration Download

 1- Free Auto Clicker best auto clicker

This free software is on the top of our list. The reason is that it has a strong auto-clicking ability. If we talk about its interface it is very simple and clean. Configuring any software is the most difficult part but its simple interface allows us to make settings as per choice.

The first option is configuring coordinates. Basically, X and Y coordinates allow you to set the mouse click on which area you want to operate it. The best thing is that you can set more than one coordinate.

The other amazing option in it that you can set the time interval as per your choice. Clicking speed also depends on the time interval. If you would select the less time interval the fast it will click. It offers the “stop after” feature also to stop clicking after a specific number of clicks.

Before starting it you can also select either the right or left mouse button. Most players use it for right-clicking. You can use it for any game like Minecraft or Fortnite. Even our click speed testers also allow you to use it.


  • Free Download and installation
  • Clean and Simple Interface
  • Provide full control to the gamers
  • Easy to configure


  • Can be detected by game


 2- GS Auto Clicker free auto clicker

GS auto clicker is one of the simple and best-clicking tools available in the market. Its simple interface saves the time of users. Like free auto clicker, it has not so many configure features. But has got the hotkey functionality. One can start the auto-clicking with just one press.

The recording is the main feature of this software. Players can enable the recording from the menu option. It will start recording the position and sequence of the clicks you will make. After the recording, you can repeat that sequence of clicks.


  • Recording feature available
  • Easy to use
  • Simple Configuration


  • May not work properly sometimes


 3- Auto Clicker Typer best auto clicker

This software has got two functionality. You can use it to perform automatic mouse clicks as well as for automatic keyboard clicks. It allows you to set up the sequence for different clicking actions. The main feature of this tool is that it can record both mouse and keyboard clicks.

To start it hit on the add button and add the information about the actions you want to perform as if you want the right-click action only check the right-click box. After that click on the “OK” button and your action will be added to the sequence. If you want to repeat some actions again and again. You can check the loop box and it will start doing the actions in a loop.

One more thing is that it is totally free of cost. You don’t need to spend any money to download it. To download it click on the download button available below.


  • Can perform both mouse and keyboard actions
  • Easy to configure
  • Free of cost


  • User must remember the hotkey for every script


 4- Perfect Automation auto click for games

Perfect automation is another advanced tool available on the internet. It is the all in one tool as it comes with many great features like mouse/keyboard auto-clicking, schedule setter, and script editor, etc.

While playing the games like Minecraft or any other you can record the actions of the mouse and keyboard. You can edit and repeat the actions again and again for a definite time interval.

Interestingly there is also a scheduler option available in this tool. It can start doing tasks at pre-defined times. The interface of this tool can be confusing for the newbies as it comes with many features.


  • Comes with recording, clicking, editor, and scheduler features
  • Best for pro gamers
  • Can work for both mouse and keyboard


  • The interface is not so simple


 5- Free Mouse Clicker good autoclicker

Looking for a tool that has a really simple interface? Free mouse clicker can be the best choice for you. There is no menu option available in this tool which makes its interface more simple.

First, you have to set the click interval. 500 Millisecond is the recommended click interval to see the best results. After that set the mouse action ( Mouse button and click type). You can set the Right or Left mouse button as per your choice. Moreover, it allows you to set the single or double click type.

Hotkeys feature is also available in it. It’s your choice if you start and stop with hotkeys or manually.


  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to customize
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Not so many options
  • Not suitable for pro gamers


 6- Roblox Auto Clicker pc auto clicker

Want an auto clicker for Roblox game? This tool is specially made for that. You may be thinking how is it different from other auto clickers? Actually, it is not, it performs like a normal tool. You can use it with any online game. It makes unlimited auto clicks without tiring the fingers of the player.

You can also install it on IOS and Android. It allows the players to stay online in the games without sitting in front of a computer or laptop screen. This is probably the best feature of this tool. Click on the download button and check its other amazing features.


  • Free Download and Installation
  • Can work on Andriod and IOS
  • Easy to configure


  • Advanced options are not available


 7- OP Auto clicker Tool op auto clicker

OP auto clicker is another simple interface software. The main highlight of this tool is that it comes with two configuration options. You can select either a pre-selected location or where you will move the cursor of the mouse.

It also has the option of the time interval, mouse button, and the click type. Hotkey option is also available there. You can start the software either with the hotkey (F6) or manually.


  • Hotkey option available
  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to configure


  • Advanced options aren’t available


 8- MAC Auto Clicker 

Nowadays a lot of players shifting towards MAC. This auto clicker is specially made for MAC users. It is absolutely free to download. 

MAC auto clicker has all the amazing options. You can select the time interval, mouse button, and click types. Interestingly you can also use it on the websites where you need clicking. 


  • Best for MAC users 
  • Easy to configuration


  • Not for Non-MAC users 


FAQs about Best auto clickers

Are auto clickers legal?

Using auto clickers are not legal. It’s against the rules of the game to use it. However, you can use it just for practice or fun purposes.

How can I get a free auto clicker? 

There are so many free tools available on the internet. You can download them for free of cost. All the software we mentioned here is also free.


Keep in mind that these automatic clickers are good to use if you only use them for fun and practice. As you know it is considered cheating. Keep things genuine and ENJOY!!!

Moreover, you can share our website on different platforms. You can check the different tests on our website. 

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